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Earthquake: 3.7 Magnitude "Moderate Shaker" Hits the Los Angeles Region Just After Midnight

Felt over a wide area of Los Angeles County, and as far as Riverside County California.

A moderate earthquake shook West Los Angeles and Santa Monica Just after midnight, on Wednesday morning April 22.

The temblor was centered 12 KM southwest of Los Angeles, in Windsor Hills. Preliminary estimates measured the magnitude at 3.7 on the 10 point Richter scale.

"I'm happy to have slept thru last night's little quake," tweeted Caltech's Dr. Lucy Jones. "It appears to be on the Newport-Inglewood fault, at almost the same location as 4 M3 quakes in April, May and June 2015. Those and today are all deep (~7-8 miles down), way below the oil fields."

"Sizable earthquake," tweeted the Santa Monica Police. "Please do not call 911 unless you are injured."

The earthquake comes during a lockdown for Covid-19 or Coronavirus, which well, makes it an emergency on top of an emergency.

"An #earthquake during a global pandemic is like the Olympics for my anxiety, but *I* am soooooo not about that life." tweeted Zoe Marshall.

"A 3.8 magnitude #earthquake with less than 7 miles depth. Calm down, earth. We’ve got enough on our plates." Tweeted Alexander Fazel.

"I just felt this #Earthquake: 1km (1mi) S of View Park-Windsor Hills, CA at 22 April 2020 07:03 AM (UTC), Magnitude: 3.7" tweeted "Lisa Lisa"

"The earth getting an early start on #EarthDay reminding us with a 3.8 #earthquake!" tweeted Dan the Man.


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