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Indian Groom Dies 2 Days After His Wedding, Apparently From Coronavirus

He displayed the symptoms associated with Covid19 during his wedding

Outlook India reports that a 30 year old software engineer from Patigang, died of mysterious causes 2 days after his wedding on June 15th.

80 to 100 of the hospital guests have since tested positive for Covid-19, depending on which report you believe.

The groom apparently felt ill the day of his wedding, and wanted to delay the event, but was prevailed upon to continue with the event by his family. Weddings are important culturally, in India, and he didn't want to disappoint his family.

The officials, who requested anonymity, said the groom was a software engineer based in Gurugram and had returned home for his marriage in the last week of May. A few days after the 'tilak' ceremony, he started showing symptoms of the disease.

"On June 15, the date of wedding, he was running high fever and wanted the ceremony to be deferred, but relented upon the insistence of family members who made him swallow paracetamol tablets and go through the rituals.

On June 17, his condition deteriorated significantly and family members made a dash to AIIMS, Patna, but he died on the way.

The body was cremated in a huff, without the authorities being informed. But somebody telephoned the district magistrate and narrated the whole episode. All close relatives of the deceased, who attended the ceremony, were tested on June 19. Of them 15 tested positive, the officials said.

As a measure to contain the spread of the disease, a special camp was set up at the village where the marriage took place on June 24-26 during which samples of 364 people were collected. Of them, 86 tested positive, the officials added."


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