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Facing Fewer Dating Prospects, Young People Turn to Guerrilla Tactics in the People Market

As Covid 19 Cuts Into Love Lives, singles find alternative tactics to find boyfriends and girlfriends.

It's an open secret that the Coronavirus has really cut into young people's social lives. How exactly is a girl to meet boys, when she's home all the time? Never let a good crisis go to waste. And this one is truly an opportunity.

As Covid 19 Cuts Into Love Lives, singles find alternative tactics to find boyfriends and girlfriends. No I don't mean BLM rallies. Though my great grandmother Rose did once tell me she joined the Workers Party in 1927 to meet guys (she really said that).

Images of young people attending massive street parties, cheating on social distancing requirements, are all over the local news. The obvious problem with that methodology, is it exposes oneself and one's family to a once in a century virus, that can be deadly to Grandma.

So the majority of us young ladies are stuck at home, wondering exactly how to meet Mr. Right. Well I have some guerrilla tactics in the People Market to suggest.

1. Strike up a conversation with the guy in a mask at the grocery store. I know you're shy, but feel emboldened because he can't see your face and probably won't remember you. Everyone looks like a superhero these days, and that includes you!

2. Look up old boy friends from college and high school. Maybe the geeky guy you last saw ten years ago, now markets his own app

3. Call old girlfriends. Maybe they know some guy who's looking. "Making friends of girls is one of the easiest ways to meet boys. Most girls enjoy bringing people together on the least excuse.=," Writes Brooke Hatfield

4. When all else fails, there's always dating apps. "With 25% of all Americans being asked to stay at home, video and audio dates are surging," reports CNBC. "Dating app Bumble has seen a significant increase in usage during the coronavirus outbreak in U.S. cities like Seattle, New York and San Francisco. 'The dates have been better than the ones in real life because we're having to communicate more.' Says Jeni in Texas."

5. Join an online club. There are online meetings for pet enthusiasts, car enthusiasts, Star Trek enthusiasts. All of these are filled with lonely, eligible young men.

6. Go to Church or Synagogue online. Many religious organizations now meet online. It's a chance to get out and communicate.

7. Volunteer for an organization feeding the homeless, taking care of the elderly, or visiting shut-ins or the sick. It's a great way to meet people with a social conscience.

8. Join the reserves. Seriously, the ratio of men to women is really quite favorable to us. And these are mostly men with real world jobs five days a week.

9. Take an online class from a University. Every college is now online, and some of these offer study sessions or other opportunities to get to know other young people.

Take advantage of this historical moment. Remember that the guys are just as lonely as you. With the home now the center of all of our lives, people respect and appreciate those who take a chance and reach out to others. Take some chances and give an old friend a call today.


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