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Laughing Past the Graveyard: Burbank Covedy Festival Promotes Laughter During the #covid19 #Coronavirus Pandemic

"The 7th Annual Burbank CoVedy Festival" on August 9- August 22, 2020. Virtual CoVedy Festival Includes Workshops for Undiscovered Jesters and Writers With Funny Talents

"The 7th Annual Burbank CoVedy Festival " is the first exclusively virtual global comedy festival produced and showcased by the Flappers Comedy Club & Restaurant on August 9-22, 2020.(

In a time of pandemic, the world needs laughter. The name of the festival is a play on Covid-19, another name for Coronavirus

Ben Rosen is a comedian and writer who performs all over Los Angeles. He has written jokes for Nickelodeon, Cracked, and CollegeHumor but is best known for being Mark Zuckerberg's doppelganger.( just remove info about fiancee and dog)

This entertaining hoopla comedy festival is featuring podcasts, hosting celebrity personalities, and over 250 talented comedians who were carefully selected worldwide through an extensive 12 month submission process.

A variety of Q &As with Rob Paulsen, Jimmy Pardo, Jackie Kashian, Jimmy Dore, Laurie Kilmartin, and many more are being showcased.

Come check out world class comedians as well as many undiscovered, talented jesters and humorists. This festival includes workshops in writing, marketing, and stand-up performance.

Many past attendees in the Burbank Comedy Festival have successfully acquired representation, and future work opportunities in many major TV pilots/ episodes, comedy festivals and film. To see the Master Schedule for show dates and times: (https;//

To purchase tickets and find out about the shows, panels and classes (

There are virtual After Parties with an entertaining DJ and auxiliary Interactive Activities.

Many generous Sponsors are offering one of a kind coupons and deals through "The 7th Annual Burbank CoVedy Festival" Virtual Giftbags! Don't miss out!

I was able to watch the Flappers Comedy Club- Virtual Bar on Thursday August 13, 2020 at 8 pm with 11 talented and funny comedians and one Emcee Ray Lau. Lau is an amusing Asian Emcee who through away his major in communications to pursue a career in comedy if not he can try acting , as he is cuter than "Ronny Chieng" from Crazy Rich Asians ( 2018)

Daria Grace: A versatile young African-American woman who wears man hats! An experienced actress, stage manager, piano player and stand-up comic! She made fun of her "unique WHITE voice" which eliminated her from being accepted by the Black Panthers

Joe Hirte: A Chicago based comedian for the past 5 years, has completed his second solo show, "Share in Mind, recently previewed in New York at SOLOCOM19. Joe was understated , professional and smooth like white bread

Anna Michelle ; A cute young white girl from Midwest was amusing with her self-description as a" Perfect 10 in Midwest but barely a 5 or 6 in Los Angeles. She was very appealing and delightful., and not a 5 or 6 but an 8 with no make-up or plastic surgery

Vishal Kalyansundaram: An attractive young man from India with a great smile, who appeared to rush his own performance. Maybe next time he can slow down and relax?

Salvador Desantos ; A hilarious comedian from Mexico , who crossed the border successfully from Texas., kept making jokes about his chubby body. Perhaps cute Salvador could be the Poster Boy for TACCO BELL?

Ashley Karp; She is a sweet and unassuming stand-up comedian , who needs to go for a long speed walk or bike ride after being cooped up with too many cats during the Covid-19 lockdown

Felix McNulty; Felix is celebrated world-wide comedian .musician and acting roles in many national and cable shows; He gave a delightful characterization of a zany and clownish man with marital conflicts and depression . Felix is tormented but happy!

Carolyn Luckett: A funny " Roseanne Barr look a-like" uses her perception and experience as a single woman in her 40's trying to date again after divorce. She has an appealing persona with an innocence and kindness despite her social rejections from men. Carolyn created a wonderful rapport and interaction with her audience

Jen Kay: A talented and versatile comedy writer and performer from Queens New York originally planned a carrier as a professional bowler. Jen has a unique talent as a celebrity Impersonator. I am sure she will go far in her career.

Carol Johnson ; A blond California divorcee shares her difficulties in middle age divorce, dating and aging. Carol was very composed, considering she has only been performing stand up comedy for a year

Ben Rosen: Last but not least. Ben Rosen is an accomplished comedian and writer who performs all over Los Angeles. Ben has written jokes for Cracked, CollegeHumor and Nickelodian.

Ben Rosen's versality in his range is amazing, from a Mark Zuckerberg look a-like to the shy fiancé of a successful corporate Disney executive and father to an amazing lab puppy.


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