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350 lbs Brown Bear Walks Into Safeway in South Lake Tahoe, Walks Out With Tostitos

Look, you gotta have chips, right? And don't forget the beer, Mr. Bear!

Some days you eat the bear, and other days, the bear eats your Tostitos.

A California brown bear weighing some 350 lbs walked into a grocery store in South Lake Tahoe, California on Thursday night. He was filmed by a woman named Adina Baidoo as he strode out of the market, not even offering to pay.

"Okay, so for really real, this bear – this actual bear right there that I almost walked into – has gone into Safeway and has decided that he's going to go shopping. I was on 50 totally with my high beams on the whole time and hoping to not get a bear," she said, apparently meaning she was speeding and hoping she would not hit the bear.

Personally, I get discounts for presenting my Ralphs Club Card. Not only did no one ask the bruin for his discount card, but no one questioned him for not wearing a mask. Call it brown bear privilege, if you must.


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