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Another Professor Admits to Masquerading as a Black Woman, In Order to Advance in Academia`

It is becoming increasingly clear that black people rather than white people are the ones who exercise privilege in the 21st century.

In shades of the famous Rachel Dolezal case, a white Jewish woman from Kansas has come forward and said that her career as an African American studies professor was a fraud.

George Washington associate professor Jessica A. Krug admitted in a Medium post Thursday that, despite publicly identifying as a black woman, she is white.

Twitter, of course, loved it. "The only reason Jessica Krug finally admitted to this lie is bec on Aug 26th one very brave very BLACK Latina junior scholar approached two senior Black Latina scholars & trusted them enough to do the research & back her up. Those two scholars made phone calls & reached out to...," tweeted Lena Haime

'In my "Afro Latinx History" class, Jessica Krug discussed dynamics of white scholars engaging in black studies. She really had the audacity pull up an image of the white woman who won an award over her, illustrating how black scholars are often overlooked in the academy. LOL,' tweeted Leslie Mac

"When Jessica Krug gets her book deal and is on the talk show circuit, remember this tweet. White women continually harm our communities and are rewarded for their efforts," tweeted Yarimar Bonilla who self identifieas as a "Woman technologist"

"Many are asking themselves how #JessicaKrug managed to fool anyone into believing she was Afro Latina. Well, let me tell you: we were both fellows at the Schomburg and I suppose she fooled me."

Jessica Krug an associate professor at Geo. Washington U. admitted she was in fact a white Jewish woman from Kansas City," I have built my life on a violent anti-black lie.


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