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New York Times Drops a Bomb On the President. No One Cares

The implication is he is either a liar or a poor businessman. We discuss why none of Trump's voters care

Two days before President Donald Trump is scheduled to debate Democratic Presidential candidate and former VP Joseph Biden; the New York Times dropped a "bombshell" report on Trump taxes.

Claiming to have examined secondary documents related to his tax returns, though not the returns themselves; the Times reports that Trump paid no taxes for 10 of the 15 years prior to 2017. "In some years, he paid as little as $750," reports the Times, attributing this to the fact that Trump had about $400 million in losses to claim over the time period in question.

The returns or source documents themselves, says the Times, cannot be put online because doing so would compromise their sources. Whatever, guys.

The implication is either Trump is lying about his income, or lying on his tax returns; and given the losses, he is clearly not much of a businessman.

The whole thing seems kind of desperate to us.

First of all the New York Times spent almost 2 years with the rest of the mainstream media, trying to convince us that Trump was connected to Russia. Yes, I remember Russiagate. The allegations went nowhere, and we are supposed to believe the Times now? And 2 days before the debate is awfully suspicious. No one likes being manipulated. Unless you're the mainstream media, and the manipulator is Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blazie Ford, or a Trump accuser.

Listen, I voted for a billionaire playboy. For people of a certain income level, evading taxes through legal process like claiming losses on returns, is hardly unexpected.

Also we are well aware that the President has not succeeded in everything he has tried. Trump casino in Atlantic City was a famous failure, as was Trump Wine and Trump University. These were costly failures. Abraham Lincoln ran for Attorney General of Illinois and lost. So what?

He has created peace in the Middle East. The Trump economy despite coronavirus, is sound, even roaring. Covid-19 was not his fault, anyone intelligent knows that. And he is about to remake the Supreme Court in his own image.

Surely the Times can do better than this.


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TML writes:

Only brain washed republican's sheep don't care. Everyone else hates a tax cheat President that owes foreign governments millions of dollars.