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Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Begin Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Told How People are Struggling With Health Care and Covid-19, as Democrats decry the process.

With a Covid-19 facemask over her face, Justice Amy Coney Barrett looked very much like a hostage, as she sat before the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday morning October 12th, 2020. The confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee were held 22 days before the November 3rd national election.

"I'm so glad people at the White House Super Spreader Event" said Dem. Sen. Corey Booker "had access to the world's best medical care."

"The problem is the people who are working today who will clean up this hearing room, they don't have a direct line to the Nations great experts. And they don't have the space to socially distance themselves at home. We're not just 22 days from an election, we're in the middle of an election. Because my Republican colleagues know the truth. They will not be able to get away with this after the election..... we should be working for greater health for the American people.

One news commentator (Tyrus) said that there are a few seconds left in the game, and the Republicans are going for a touchdown. The Democrats are trying in vain to delay the confirmation somehow until the clock runs out.

Republican senators complimented the nominee. She herself sat looking very much like a hostage, bound and gagged, in this very strange presidential election year 2020.


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