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Left Proposes Abolishing Daylight Savings Time Change Because it's Racist

"Only our racist white farming past could have lead to such a ridiculous system."

Seems everything the left wants to get rid of is first labelled as racist. US Leftists have proposed doing away with Daylight Savings Time, as a relic of America's racist slave past.

"Stefani wants to get rid of Daylight Saving Time across the country," says a recent email from "the 20th century war-time creation is no longer necessary. Four states and U.S. territories have already stopped it. Stefani says that changing our clocks twice a year has minimal benefits and proven health risks. They are circulating an online petition to do just that. "7,283 have signed Stefani Giusto's petition. Let's get to 7,500!" says a recent email from the group.

"Only our racist white farming past could have lead to such a ridiculous system," says the group. "It's a relic of slavery and racism!"

The press release from the group is below.

Abolish Daylight Saving time!? Can we do it?Yes, we can! Should we!? Well, 4 U.S. States already have! Those 4 States, and our U.S. territories, do not observe Daylight Saving time.

A federal change of the remaining states is what I am petitioning for, not just a state waiver.

Before we dive in, what's Daylight Saving Time? Some don't know, and that's okay. DST starts on the second Sunday in March when the clocks "Spring forward" one hour and DST ends on the first Sunday in November when we "Fall backwards" one hour (back to Standard Time,) disrupting our sleeping patterns not once, but twice a year! Ugh.

So, who else wants the Federal Government and Department of Transportation to end the Uniform Time Act of 1966, give us back our Standard Time and in simpler words, quit messing with our clocks!?

When we "Fall Back" to Standard Time this first Sunday in November 2020, let's petition to keep it there, permanently!!

The early 1900s wars that encouraged DST are over, there's little benefits to Daylight Saving, in fact, there's proven health risks!"

"Facts: The sun sets at about 6:35 right now (Oct 20, 2020) and until peak (Dec 21st,) it will continue to inch earlier and earlier, minute by minute, to a Sunset at approx. 5:30 (if we don't "Fall Back") However, with the time change, (because we "Sprung Forward" for DST, the sun will actually set at about 4:30 in winter after we "Fall Back" to Standard Time. (There's unfortunately nothing we can change about Standard Time)

In case I made "falling back" to Standard Time sound awful, there are benefits in remaining on Standard Time permanently. The benefit of Standard Time in the winter is that the sun will rise at 6:50ish, instead of 7:50ish. This helps to clear our vehicles of frost and ice, warming things up before most of us must be on the roads.

I can't speak for America. Only you can do your research and sign for yourself. I believe we should all make a vote on it.

Personally, I would rather see Standard Time on a federal level (every state) permanently all year round and sleep patterns undisturbed.

Facts: The summer Sun sets around 9:04 in DST at its latest time. So, instead of 9:04, it will be 8:04 sunsets in summer in Standard Time.

Will you suffer if the summer Sun sets an hour earlier?

Please consider signing and sharing this petition targeted at the "Time Controllers," our Federal Government, the Department of Transportation and specifically the Uniform Time Act of 1966 that was introduced into our amendments making this a standard, federally recognized occurrence.

It is more than just a sleep nuisance, it is a health risk to change the clocks twice a year!

"We found four prominent, elevated risk clusters, including cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attacks), injuries, mental and behavioral disorders, and immune-related diseases such as noninfective enteritis and colitis to be significantly associated with DST shifts in the United States and Sweden. "" - Jun 8, 2020


Reader Comments(4)

Archer writes:

I PROPOSE WE KEEP DAYLIGHT SAVINGS ALL YEAR- and not because an elite group of southern Americans owned slaves 150 years ago- but because changing the clocks disrupts our sleep, because natural sunlight lowers our energy consumption and because exposure to sunlight makes people less depressed and improves their immune system function. Yes, I want long days all year because it would actually benefit society, not to virtue-signal to my mindless contemporaries. DON’T SIGN THIS PETITION and don’t support liberal virtue-signaling! Learn to think for yourself and challenge blanket statements like ignorant Stefani’s claim here that time changes are a relic of a racist past. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean Stefani isn’t clueless and wrong.

Archer writes:

Worse yet, is that Stefani’s RACIST ARGUMENT IS COMPLETELY FALSE! Daylight savings wasn’t created by racist plantation owners but instead was conceptualized in New Zealand around the turn of the 20th century, (that’s after the civil war, Stefani- read a book sometime), and was adopted by the US in 1918 53 years AFTER slavery was abolished.

Archer writes:

Stefani, if you care so much about racism that you want to ruin everyone’s chance to see the sun set after work, then take your iPhone and all your other Chinese possessions and throw them away! Half the countries in the world STILL have slavery to this day, and China tops them at around 4,000,000 slaves, not counting child labor. So why don’t you do something useful and try to end slavery abroad by boycotting slaver countries? (Don’t worry, we know you don’t have the integrity to actual do something noble, that would require actual sacrifice and you are out for yourself). And stop trying to make Americans feel guilty about slavery in the past when only 1% of our ancestors actually afforded and had slaves!

Archer writes:

Don't be fooled by this ignorant, liberal, virtue-signaling halfwit here. Daylight savings time is not racist, but Stefani is such an unimaginative, uneducated tapeworm that the only way she can get her naïve, self-centered argument to receive any attention is to play the almighty ‘race’ card. Pay attention to what she is saying here! She doesn’t want long days all year, she wants short ones! She argues that in the winter, the earlier sunrise helps clear our vehicles of frost. Well, guess what, Stefani. Some of us live in places where our vehicles don’t freeze overnight and we don’t want to get out of work in the evening hours after the sun has set! We have an energy crisis and an extra hour of natural sunlight takes some burden off of our bottlenecked infrastructure and STEFANI WANTS THE SUN TO SET EARLY ALL YEAR! Not to mention we could all use some vitamin D with the whole pandemic thing going on!