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Diehard Trump Supporters Hold Rallies in Los Angeles, Other US Cities

Trump supporters on Veterans day at the Federal Building in Westwood, November 11, 2020.

If you follow US Politics, you know that things are not looking good right now for the campaign to re elect Donald J. Trump as US President. Only a few states (Arizona, North Carolina and Georgia) are still counting, and democrat Joe Biden is ahead in them all. He already has the electoral college votes to ascend to the White House. The mainstream media, even Fox News, have all called the election for Biden.

Nevertheless, a few diehard Trump supporters are holding rallies in Los Angeles and other cities. They urged the public not to let the Mainstream media call the national election for the Dems.

About thirty supporters outside the Federal Building on Wilshire and Veteran Avenue, marked Veterans day by holding trump and US flags, and asking passing motorists to honk horns supporting them. Their banners urged recounts.

One African American woman called VP elect Kamala Harris a "fake Black woman," using a blowhorn to tell supporters that Harris in fact was Indian American, mostly.

Others worried that a Biden administration would enact extremist economic policies, and overseas, back off the pressure Trump has placed on the Chinese.

Overhanging the event, as it had the entire political season of course, was the international coronavirus pandemic. A few wore masks, and others did not.

But there was a sense of worry for the future, as we move into a new administration and uncharted Covid-19 territory. More cases nationally and no one to blame them on loom in our future.


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