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Donald Trump is the Nation's Blacklight: Exposing Government and Media Corruption from the Beginning of His Term to its (Maybe) Conclusion

Only because of Donald Trump has the American public discovered the dirty dealings of institutions thought to be bastions of honesty and integrity.

The couple is always shocked and horrified when cat whisperer Jackson Galaxy shines a blacklight on their bedroom walls to reveal where their problem feline has been leaving its urine. Without the blacklight, the wall looks clean, even pristine. But the ultraviolet radiation reveals the walls are splashed with dirty cat pee.

President Donald Trump has served as the nation's blacklight from the moment he entered office. Only because of Donald Trump has the American public discovered the dirty dealings of institutions thought to be bastions of honesty and integrity. Hated, feared, and reviled by the nation's established political and media machinery, Trump acted as unwitting bait for the traps and lures they put out in vain efforts to prevent his ascent to office and, failing that, to unseat him. In the process, these institutions and the people running them revealed themselves as dirty, corrupt, and far from deserving of public trust or respect.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was the first institution to launch itself at Trump and, in the process, expose its ugly underside. High-ranking members of this agency, appalled at the possibility - however remote they must have thought it at the time - that Donald Trump, a former reality TV host, might become president, colluded with each other to organize an operation to spy on his campaign. Text messages between Peter Strzok, FBI Chief of Counter Espionage, and Lisa Page, his lover and another FBI employee, revealed the presence of a "deep state," a collection of career State Department and intelligence agency employees who think they run the country, free of the constraints of the law.

Trump next exposed the paucity of true expertise on the part of foreign policy "experts" in his dealings with dictator Kim Jong Un of North Korea. The strongman leader of the rogue Communist nation regularly lobbed missiles over the Pacific and had gotten into a more recent habit of throwing them over the US ally, Japan. Past presidents would answer these provocations with gifts of foreign aid to the nuclear-capable nation. Trump threatened Kim. And then, discarding five decades of precedent, he agreed to meet with him. The media and foreign policy establishment fell into hysterics. Trump was a bumbler. He was ruining everything. But Trump did not ruin everything. Though he did not garner the hoped-for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, he did halt Kim's missiles. No other president managed this.

Trump's success in obtaining peace deals between Israel and other Arab Middle Eastern countries similarly exposed the lack of true expertise among the self-proclaimed experts in the area. By flouting all of the established precedent, that is, trying to make peace with the Palestinians first, Trump secured three historic peace deals - between Israel and Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Sudan. The mainstream media was furious. Unwilling and completely unable to admit they and the rest of the expert class were wrong, they've done nothing but denigrate and downplay the significance of these deals ever since.

Of course, the most significant and intransigent adversary of President Trump has been the establishment media. Through the eight years of the Obama Administration, the media was already showing itself as little more than a propaganda arm of the Democrat National Committee. Difficult questions were never asked of the beloved Obama. Scandals and bad decisions were ignored or covered up. No longer did these so-called journalists work to root out truth or expose ills that needed to be redressed.

But with the establishment of Donald Trump in the White House, the media went even further. Simply ignoring or omitting was no longer enough. They took to elaborate conspiracy theories and consistent distortions of facts. Outright lies were not unknown. From Trump being a Russian asset to Trump being responsible for all 200,000-plus COVID-19 deaths, the untruths and the flights from reality have taken a toll. Public confidence in the media has fallen to lows never before seen in this country.

And, in his final act, Trump is serving to expose the vulnerability and corruption in our balloting system. Even if the result of the investigations into allegations of voter fraud and balloting irregularities does not result in overturning the projected result of the election in his favor, Trump has alerted the American public to the many issues that do sully our heretofore respected election system. Voter rolls need to be updated. Mail-in ballots cannot be harvested nor can they be returned without signatures if we want elections to have any chance of being fair and honest.

It is Donald Trump's position as an outsider and his independence from the established institutions of power that inspired the kind of panic that drew the swamp creatures out of their muddy burrows to be exposed to the light of day. For that, he was punished as severely as these beasts could manage. And for that, all Americans must thank him, whether they liked him or not.


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