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Two unlucky defendants get additional charges for gang association shortly before Gascon takes over

Hate charges added for stabbing of transgender woman in MacArthur Park

Two defendants face possible life sentences for extorting a transgender woman. On October 4, Javier Trimin-Rodriguez aka Golden, 22, and Margarita Valencia aka Inquieta, 23, extorted the transgender woman and Trimin-Rodriguez stabbed her with a knife. A third defendant, Donoban Fonseca, 24, is also charged in the stabbing.

Trimin-Rodriguez and Valencia face additional allegations of committing the crimes in association with a criminal street gang. Trimin-Rodriguez faces additional charges of committing a hate crime. Valencia is accused of extorting another transgender woman between June and August.

The incoming district attorney, George Gascon, elected this November, has pledged not to add charges for gang affiliation or committing crimes in association with criminal street gangs.


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