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Corona Bros Debate Social Libertarians. "Is This Really Necessary?" As California Locks Down Again,

Los Angeles' new COVID lockdown bans most walking, driving and use of public transport.

"Los Angeles's new COVID lockdown bans most walking, driving and use of public transport. Yes, walking" tweeted .

"93% who died from COVID-19 had underlying health conditions in Los Angeles and yet the city is now in lockdown again with all restaurants, bars and cafes closed!" Tweeted Monica Clare.

"Underlying health conditions include obesity, asthma, diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, pregnancy, immunity disorders - not just the big ones like cancer, heart & lung issues etc. A hell of a lot of people fall into those buckets," replied Kate Gooden.

"It's not about me - it's the struggling businesses and suicides. Covid is not the only health condition. I don't accept the premise or your question," Tweeted Monica Clare in reply

"To piss u off further," tweeted LA Vagrants, "LA Times printed another scare tactic. But look at the #s: 10M live in LA County; 666 are in an ICU. That's 1 out of 15,015 people. 40M live in CA. 2,182 are in an ICU. That's 1 out of 18,331 people. Meanwhile, MILLIONS of livelihoods are being destroyed. Tyranny."

"I just wish the lefties would analyze the stats for Coronavirus... " tweeted Cat Wood.

"They have and they follow the orders. It's the ones on the right who can't behave like adults," tweeted Brooke Baker.

"Well, strips joints are open. But you get arrested if you go to church," wrote Kraken-elect Fox Mulder

Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Marin and Santa Clara counties are adopting California's regional stay-at-home orders beginning this Sunday in an attempt to contain the COVID-19 surge. On Thursday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced stay-at-home orders for when regions fall below 15% remaining ICU capacity.

"Does this mean Nancy Pelosi will have to go somewhere else to get her hair done?" Tweeted Friendly Guy II

"99.4% survival rate per CDC under age 60.. these people hate facts! I get so afraid after I see everyone freaking out.. then I ask why am I afraid? when I read the truth, I am not," tweeted Carlos Danger.


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CharliesTg65 writes:

This is first degree tyranny, no way in hell will most free loving Americans put up with these rules and regulations sounds to me like history is repeating itself and right under our noses, the US constitution gives us these rights, now because some people are dying we have to stop every thing, this will do more harm then the actual cov19.