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School Teacher Yells "Go Kill Yourself," Curses at Reopen Protestors in Bend, Oregon

Tensions build as more cities and states lockdown, newly diagnosed Covid cases increase to 100K per day.

Viral video shows a school teacher in Bend, the largest town in Eastern Oregon, yelling "Go kill yourself!" and various expletives at Reopen Oregon Now protestors Sunday.

Tensions are building in the US over newly announced lockdowns, as diagnosed cases rose to 100,000 per day Sunday December 6th. Many are protesting, and some are protesting the protestors.

An Oregon school teacher yelled from her SUV that protestors who wanted the schools to reopen "should go kill yourselves". She also gave the protestors two birds, with both hands, in a viral video posted to Twitter. She also yells "the F Word" The video of a teacher losing it may be seen here:

"I just noticed this teacher yelled "Kill Yourself" at the protesters. How do parents with school aged children feel about this woman teaching your kids" tweeted @KatieDaviscourt, who apparently shot the original video. She titled the video "UNHINGED: Teacher from Oregon has a complete mental breakdown over COVID and yells at families that are rallying to ReOpen their businesses."

"She is now the teacher that her students will never forget! They will all be like "remember that one teacher we had who went full Karen and told us all to kill ourselves"....good times! tweeted Dust to Dust

"This one needs to find another profession," tweeted AngstromUnit

"I gonna pray for this lady," tweeted Dave Reese

"I am a teacher". So, I may be a grocery clerk that interacts with more people than you but I do my job and don't act like an entitled idiot," tweeted Katy Perry

"I hear public schools in Oregon are top notch," tweeted Hank

"If I were her, I would show this video to her students. All the classroom behavior issues would end," tweeted Masaki Matsumoto.


Reader Comments(2)

Calvin writes:

Why hasn't this head case's name been released to the public? The public needs to know who this deranged woman is so they can steer clear. It would also be helpful so any prospective employers in the future know to send her resume straight to the trash.

TML writes:

You can reprint all of the bully tweets you want. Teachers will go back to work when it's safe for them and their students, period. Right now it definitely is not safe. Anyone protesting that rejects science. And again, this is misdirected anger. Blame the guy in the White House that botched the response and continues to completely ignore this deadly pandemic that killed over 3000 Americans yesterday. Trump[ couldn't care less.