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Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade is a Desert Wasteland due to Shifting from Brick-and-Mortar and Disastrous Lockdowns

Plywood boards and for-lease signs decorate the once-popular shopping district in Santa Monica


December 19, 2020

Sabine Ganezer

Plywood boards cover up once-thriving stores while a vagrant uses the building as an easy chair

Downtown Santa Monica (DTSM) Inc wants us to come and physically-distanced shop at the Third Street Promenade this holiday season, but will doing so bring you a warm and happy feeling? Our roving photographer brings back evidence of empty stores and empty sidewalks.

Click on photos at the bottom to see full-size with captions.

Sabine Ganezer

Actual reality isn't so great, so DTSM invites you to download an app that will make it look better


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OKC writes:

So sad to see the deterioration of one of the most popular attractions in the Southland. Is this what the future holds after Covid-19?


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