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Drive-in Movie Theater Created out of the Former Sears Parking Lot, First Movie on February 11

Guests may also pre-order meals a day ahead of time from Mendocino Farms or Tocaya Organica

WE Drive-Ins has taken over the parking lot at the old Sears building and is turning it into a drive-in movie theater, dubbing it The Mark. The latest Hollywood movies will be projected nightly via state-of-the-art, high lumen brightness DCI-compliant 2k and 4k studio approved projectors. The proprietors claim these are the same projectors used at your favorite (now probably defunct) indoor movie theater. Sound will be transmitted to the FM receiver of your car radio via a dedicated frequency.

Each guest vehicle will receive a goody bag with popcorn, beverages, and vouchers for other "local and national partners." Guests may also pre-order meals a day ahead of time from Mendocino Farms or Tocaya Organica, allowing themselves the dining pleasure of organic sandwiches, salads, and burritos. A concession stand will also be available at the drive-in site.

The film that will serve to open the new theater experience is Minari, a movie about a Korean-American family who move to an Arkansas farm in search of their own American Dream. Brad Pitt is executive producer.


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OKC writes:

I am happy that the Sears building is being repurposed instead of torn down. My happiest times during Christmas was shopping at Sears. Do you all still remember Santa Claus on top of the building corner facing the parking lot directing cars to available parking spots? All the freshly cut pine trees lined up for folks to buy and just smelling the evergreens? Indeed, that Sears building is a connection to my past childhood.