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The Female Serial Prison Rapist

The rapist eventually moved to my unit. Down another hallway. I knew who she was.

There was a female serial rapist. A female serial rapist, a prison rapist, raping women in a women's prison, VSPW, while I was there! She was big. She was ugly. A black female. Tall, a bit older. She looked the part. She went in and out of ad-seg due to receiving SHU terms serious violent incidents. Her series of rapes began before I even came to prison. It continued as she came out of the SHU and landed in the unit I was in. I was a unit worker called a 'porter.' I saw the name on the daily updated unit roster. I could not believe it. I recall my first thought was 'Thank God she did not land in my 8 person cell.'

Her reputation sounded fictional. Word was that she would creep up on one of her roomates and penetrate her with a bottle while they were asleep. I did not believe it. I'm one who has to see most things to believe them. Eventually the action was very close to me. The rapist eventually moved to my unit. Down another hallway. I knew who she was. Her presence disgusted me. One night we woke up to a lot of officers in the building. Overnight, she had raped someone with a bottle. The victim ended up being moved to my cell for a while. I think the rapist went to another yard.

Since I have been in prison, I have been around and seen many rape-alleged incidents. This is just the only serial rapist. And the one of the few doing it for pleasure. Most female-on-female rapes are over drugs. Specifically going into another woman's vagina to find and take her stash! Oh yeah, it's a very common occurence in prison when drugs are around! Not to mention, the damages to the victim's vagina!! Additionally, most of the time someone goes up into somesone's vagina, they find no drugs. One girl had to have major surgery after the wall between the vaginal canal and the anal area was broken down. In this case, multiple people took turns putting their whole hands/fists in and out of her for hours hoping to find something. They had the wrong girl. The one who had the drugs they were looking for was someone else. I don't think an appology is appropriate.

I remember being in shock that this sick woman was still striking victims. This victim was bleeding bad from her crotch. I did not pry or ask questions. Everyone knew what happened. I was stunned that the predator was allowed to live in general population with the rest of us after so many years of repeated incidents. It's important for me to note, the Prison Rape Elimination Act law did not yet exist.


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