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Post- COVID Celebrity Drive up in honor of the Golden Globes

gifts included stylish eyewear from GEEK Eyewear, Make -up brushes from LUXIE, Mask from Mantra, Skincare from MASKNE and a health salve from Autumn Brands

02/17/2021- Los Angeles-- Touted as one of the first post-Lockdown Celebrity Gifting suites, DPA hosted an in-person Golden Globes Gifting lounge at the beautiful LUXE hotel in Brentwood, Los Angeles. COVID-19 guidelines were followed and invited guests were able to visit the gifting suite and be gifted in honor of being nominated for this year's Golden Globes. Even the lockdown has not stopped tinsel town from indulging in some appreciation for the arts and fashion.

DPA, a leader in celebrity gifting was founded by Nathalie Dubois- Sissoko, whose vision was to show her genuine appreciation to well deserved TV and Film artists who have inspired and uplifted audiences through their work by gifting them with some of America's most exciting products.

So what did the nominees get to enjoy this year? Well, travel was definitely a theme this year with several incredible travel brands offering their products and services. Stars and Nominees were personally invited to The Pearl Resorts Le Taha's Island Resort and Spa in French Polynesia, only five minutes from the legendary Bora Bora. Another one of the decadent destinations was Soori Bali, in the Spiritual Hindu island of Bali located in Indonesia. Soori Bali features one of the 10 best swimming pools in Bali and is sure to delight.

French startup Fazup was also at the event gifting the guests its anti-radiation patches, a revolutionary patch which blocks 95% of radiations coming from your phones. No doubt this year we saw lots of stars on the red carpet with the patches on their cellular phones! Another neat product was KLIPSTA- a clever design that lets you fasten your hat to your handbag.

The Founder Nathalie stresses that attributes her success to having access to unique and global exotic products and services at her Gifting events. "Celebrities want what's new and exciting – they want something different! Different is what they get at the DPA suites, as Nathalie originally from France, handpick products from all corners of the globe. She also wants the DPA suite to act as a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the country that are looking for a great opportunity to get their products in the hands of image makers and social influencers within the entertainment industry. This is what makes DPA stand out amongst the very many gifting suites that happen during award season in Los Angeles which seem to be focused only leveraging the PR potential of the celebrities.

Wellness and wellbeing was also a feature this Award season to distress and bring the mind, body and spirit back in balance. Some of the services presented to the guests were: an intuitive service with Lisa from 'Truth in Hands' and as a special treat, a reading with Pet intuitive Keao and a gift certificate from Maeva Wellness.

Some of the other gifts included skincare from ASEA, innovative face masks from Sip Responsibly, Soaps from Main Island Soap, a Book by Author Amy Lea Murphy titled FINE, workout gear from Claymonics and face wear from Air Pop. Other innovative gifts included a T-Shirt from 'Cool Ass Black Woman' CBD Gummies from New England Hemp Farm. A particularly mindful gift was from 'Skirt My pump' a patented undergarment that allows you to stay connected to your insulin pump while sporting a fabulous dress or skirt.

This year's gift bag focused on beauty accessories. Some of the gifts included stylish eyewear from GEEK Eyewear, Make -up brushes from LUXIE, Mask from Mantra, Skincare from MASKNE and a health salve from Autumn Brands.

Delicious beverages and snacks provided by Topo-Chino and Ten to One Rum . For savory and sweet treats, they enjoyed Delicious food from Los Angeles based Deli restaurant, the Carvery Kitchen, tasty chips from Chipz happen, popcorn from Buttery popcorn, Candy pushers from Candy Depot, Good Dee's sipping Chocolate.

But keeping with the founder's Nathalie's vision, it was not all glamour as the 2021 gifting lounge has aligned itself this year a treat for our furry friends -

'K9s ONLY'- a 5 star weekend for your Pets.

The DPA Golden Globe Pre- Awards Gift Suite was a big success again and sure to be enjoyed by all who attended. We look forward to brining you future events from this company.


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