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Prison Canteen Manager is the Devil

On the flip side of that, there any many, many kind staff here who go out of their way to help us prisoners whenever they can

Our prison canteen manager is Spawn Of Satan!! No other way to put it. I pray for her as God commands me to do for all my emenies. She's nasty! She loves blocking prisoners from buying what they need for the WHOLE MONTH! Using technicalities to deny women buying basic necessities! Due to Covid, we only get to shop once per month at the prison canteen. This woman started working here maybe 3 years ago? She's had a non stopped list of complaints over simple, minor things that are unable to resolve! Nothing is simple when you're dealing with her! The most problematic, controversial canteen manager I've seen in my time. Women like her inspire hatred and make the process of shopping dreadful!! You like your job but you hate those you work with? She can't work in a real job!

She comes to work and exerts 'power' over anything and everything. Outside, in the real world, she's nobody. So, here in prison she lets her horns show! No being nice. If she has any opportunity to deny you anything, you're screwed. She uses her discretion to inflict adversity without any thought!!

I just came from the prison canteen. I'm furious! Why? I only eat cereal for breakfast. They ran out of my raisin bran cereal. I asked for the cinnamon toast crunch instead. So SIMPLE! "No you did not make substitutions in your order slip." Madam, you just ran out while I was standing here! Besides, raisin bran usually never runs out because it's much less popular than the sugary cereals. "NO!" Her notorious path is evil.

She's a tiny white women with an attitude in her 30's. She prides herself on arguing with my fellow inmates at the canteen window. The whole prison hates her! She uses COVID, of all things, as an excuse to punish and deny opportunities to purchase what we need!! No shame. She likes when any prisoner does not get what they want.

She likely has no man. She's too rigid and stiff to ever have any fun. Kindness is like to her a foreign language! Nobody loved her as a child. People like that are often mean and ugly. Most likely she lives alone. With an empty bed.

I forgive her at this moment! She ruined my monthly breakfast routine, but I'll live. God will humble her. See, God's vengeance is worst than anything any human could impose. Maybe he'll even allow her to come to prison as an inmate to see what it's like. She thinks her job is ruining prisoners' days! ''Let me make these prisoners' day harder. I work in a prison, so that's my job. Plus, I'm miserable anyway, so I want some company."

That's how people like this think. She won't change or understand kindness, compassion, humility until she's humbled. She's just an ughly person.

On the flip side of that, there any many, many kind staff here who go out of their way to help us prisoners whenever they can! This prison is blessed to have many staff working here who are good people and make this prison a better place! I have even seen one correctional officer sit and patiently listen to women with mental health issues babble on and on. I watch as the staff, who could easily dismiss this woman, does the kind thing and allows this women to be heard. That's the extra kindness it took that day, and he gave it. I see things like that all the time. Staff helping prisoners with things just because they are in the unique position to help. That extra is what makes a place like this run smoothly. Bend, so you don't break. That flexibility is the "X" factor. PRISON RUNS ON GOOD WILL. So, the fact that she works in a prison is no excuse. This is who she is. It's from her dark black heart. She's a bottom feeder; this job was the only one she would get. I'll calm down after I finish writing this and put this behind me. I will pray for her.


Reader Comments(6)

Love writes:

I say you kill her with genuine kindness! Genuine kindness! It is easy being kind to people who are being kind to u. But try being kind to some one who is not being so kid to u! Not as easy good luck!

1303166 writes:

Girl i feel ya!! Its like thats thier pleasure in life. I only did a year. And some of the cos acted like they were told to be mean or they thank thats the way to the top! Well its not!! Ill keep you and her in my prayers. Keep ur head up and dont let her get to you to bad!! She is not worth it!!

chellsey writes:

I dont understand how they cam publish an artical about this person and how mean she obviously is to the inmates yet she still has a job just because they are on prison doesnt mean she should get away with it its like a person who works at mcdonalds your rude to your customer you get to many complaints you get fired how is this different

Mercy writes:

I thank you are the most judge mental person of the year , where is mercy in your God that you serve , I believe you are in the right place for a season . To get mercy one has to give mercy , just saying that you might try to not look at the log in someone else eye and clean your on eyes . Be blessed and carry on , I am sure my tax dollars are taking good care of you

TRJ writes:

I was in prison for 18 years and I came across several officer's like this lady. You are right people like her make life hard because they feel it is their duty to punish inmates. Their lives are miserable so they want your life to be miserable. Pray that God bless her and and change her heart, not that God punishes her. Be Jesus to her and show her mercy and grace, because while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Continue to be kind and loving to her and pray for her.

SisterK writes:

How does this happen and nothing not corrected about this? Who do you report her too there is a way God keeps a ram in the bush? Is this story real ? Who can help the ones suffering at the hands of demonic Spirits such as this one . if anyone can guide me please do I know otgers in her shoes as well and someone has to speak up for theses ladies