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Prison Suffers Covid Outbreak After Vaccinating Prisoners and Staff, California Institution for Women on Lockdown Again

"Only staff can give covid to an inmate. So KEEP THEM AWAY FROM US!" says inmate

First 2 staff members tested positive. Now, I'm told there are several prisoners sick. One thing is for sure, WE'RE ON LOCKDOWN!! So, something major is going on with this covid outbreak. We went into lockdown @ 6:27pm in a Friday. So, the data and time tell me that it must be serious. For the Warden to be working on a Friday evening is an indicator that this is an institutional emergency.

As I look out my window, all staff now wearing Haz-Mat attire. This will continue until all staff and inmates are cleared. Then, one-by-one, as each building is cleared, it will be opened back up. And staff can take off their extra layers of protective clothing.

I got an idea. How about all inmates who did not get the vaccine be housed separate from those of us who did!!! Make THEM pay for being a liability to the INSTITUTION!!

I got ANOTHER IDEA!! Keep the filthy staff, who carry Covid, away from the inmates. Staff should have to maintain 10 feet from any and all inmates unless it's in an emergent or urgent situation!! How about that??

No, they won't do that!! They'all keep ignoring the elephant in the room! Only staff can give covid to an inmate. So KEEP THEM AWAY FROM US!! Even a blind person could see this!!!

I'll keep you posted on the Reactive stance of CDCR!! And my Proactive Big Mouth telling all of this just like it goes down in here!! No matter who I make look bad. The truth is the truth. If you don't how it sounds don't do it.

I'll keep you posted on how and what CDCR does next. Because prison truth is more interesting than any fiction even Stephen King can come up with.


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