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I Don't Remember the Free World or the Touch of a Man

After 17 Years in Prison, My Sexual Appetite is Healthy and Ready to Go

Yes, I do not remember the free world anymore! After nearly 17 years with a couple more to go, I can say, as a straight women, my sexual appetite is healthy and ready to go. I do not remember much of the free world. I don't remember the touch of man! If you are the man who gets to have me, after release, after all of this time?? You are a man with the winning lottery ticket. And you'll have a big job on your hands. My fiancé knows this already. Montez. We plan to marry and we both want a baby. First, with all my pent up sexual tension, I'll have to make sure his heart is healthy enough for sexual activity!! I don't want to be charged with manslaughter or reckless sexual endangerment.

A woman who's been lone from the works so long needs a special kind of a man. You see after so long, I have plenty of fantasies I plan to act out!! Oh, yeah, life is short. Role playing? Why not. Sex swing? Maybe. I'm planning to nurture my mind, body and soul!!

As a Christian I'm glad I'll be able to please God and live honestly in a marriage and have a baby with by husband. No more BABYDADDY!! I'm grown now. I don't knock anyone else. I just have old fashioned values. So, I want to keep my kinky plans within my union blessed by God!! Yes, I'm a complicated, multifaceted creature. However, after prison, I know who I am and what I will and will not accept as okay for Amber. Oh, I'm changing my first and last name also. A fresh start. However, if this writing things works out, I may have to keep my name to preserve my brand. I plan to Podcast and I'm aiming for a live radio show!!

California has so many prisoners that I believe California needs a 4 hour radio show dedicated to what's happening within its prisons with its over 250,000 prisoners. Population is lower due to covid. I think the public should hear the happenings of prison on the radio DAILY as well as have inmates call into the show and interview wardens, etc. You'd be shocked at how some of these people running this place think! Trust me.

I want to bring prison, as entertainment, to the forefront of daily discussions. A huge amount of California's economy is due to the existence of prisons and the sheer size of the CDCR. Not to mention the all powerful CORRECTIONAL PEACE OFFICERS UNION. Back when mail was still delivered by the post office on Saturdays, state prisoners did not get mail on Saturdays! Do you know why? The Correctional Officers Union put it in the contract that they did not WANT to have to process mail on Saturdays!! They want to show up for work on Saturdays for the same pay but did not want to be BOTHERED by sorting and passing inmates mail on the weekend. Yet, same pay!!

I have a deep burning desire to have purpose with my life and my freedom. Many people say one thing while they're in the prison but change their stance and direction when they're free. Me? I've been locked up so long I don't remember what it's even like to be free!! So, I will show that I value it more than the average person! I will actively give back. I want to make a positive mark on the world!! Prisoners have many untapped, unmet and undiagnosed needs!! I'll open your eyes!


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