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What Do Female Millionaires Do IN Prison? There are two categories of prison millionaires.....

There was the miser who Killed her child because she was jealous of her husband's attention to the baby.....

I've seen and known a handful of MILLIONAIRES during my prison stay. They've generally fallen into 2 categories. First is the low-profile, yet well-to-do person who stays to themself and buys everything they can get their hands on.

There's one who was a miser!! Frugal and spent so little at canteen you'd think she was barely getting by!! She was a "baby case"!! Killed her child because she was jealous of her husband's attention to the baby. She was tiny and I think she was Amish!! Very socially awkward! You could tell she had been isolated most of her life. She had gotten the sh*t beaten out of her over her case. Someone, a roommate, found out she was a baby killer and pounced on her!! After that she lived quiet in fear of a repeat.

So, one roommate, within the 8-person cell we shared, managed to get close to her and discovered her unknown wealth. She began using her. She took the time to gain the girl's trust and make an opening!! I watched all this play out. I minded my own business. This was so seamlessly done that the mark was shopping canteen items for this USER each month!! She knew was being used. Actually, she did not care because she knew she had to pay for friendship for someone to OVERLOOK her CHILD CASE, IN EXCHANGE cash perks EACH MONTH. It works like that. I sat astute watching it all!

I swear, the games that circle some millionaires in prison are worthy of reality TV!

Another millionaire, a white woman. A former high-level exec from some company landed here in prison at CIW, for child porn, child molestation and child abuse. The info I had on her was she allowed her man to have sex with her 11-year-old daughter in the same bed as her. Also child porn was made and stored on her "corporate lap top." All this landed her here in CIW with me. The stuff she did was off-the-wall and entertaining. She used her cash to create a circus around herself!!

Prisoners in California prisons are allowed one 30 pound package every quarter of the year. So when prisoners are broke and with no financial support, someone will pay $40 to get a package in their name for that quarter. Essentially they sell their package for that quarter to another prisoner! This is routine. Happens all the time. It makes the prisoners' world go round!!

No matter how broke I am, my pride would never allow me to get a package for anyone, EVER!! I've always waited til I had my own! But this is how many prisoners get by! That $30-$40 fee means a lot to some people. So, imagine this millionaire began throwing her money ALL around the prison!! She got packages in so many people's names! She caused chaos! People circled around her to get stuff!! She LOVED THE ATTENTION. Again, her case would NORMALLY have made per a PARIAH ON THE YARD!! In the name of the MIGHTY DOLLAR, most of her fellow prisoners only saw green, NOT THE child sex predator she was!! THAT WAS LUCKY FOR HER! God knows she would have had a tough time here if not for her money!!

A quick side note, TO BE CLEAR, I do not condone harassing so-called "BABE CASES"! Women here for hurting or killing children! I'm unable to point a finger when SO MANY can easily be pointed at me for all my mistakes. So, I'm just telling the story. But I want to just clarify that. Now, my feelings are bothered when I hear about these cases. However, I do not allow my FEELINGS to cause me to judge her for worse, to somehow justify hitting, spitting, etc., on baby cases. I am polite if I encounter one of them. If my feelings are triggered by their presence, I put my feelings in check. I've become good at doing that at this point in my life and my recovery.

So back to that millionaire. Where was I?? So, she had big fake boobs and tons of plastic surgery. Her lips here fixed in a permanent smile from surgery and fillers! She always looked like she was smirking at you. Her cell was filthy. She did not clean, nor pay anyone to clean it. That was very noticeable!! Most prison cells are neat and clean. This makes the guards and fellow prisoners happy. Although, female prisoners and prisons are very dirty. Officers always tell us how much cleaner the men are!! Who cares.

This woman would literally walk around writing down names of people to send cash to!! She helped some, not others, of course. One person, a trans woman. Meaning this 'woman' USED to be a man and still looks just like a man!! She had a big crush on her!! But the woman/man had a woman already. Oh yeah, drama!! She sent the woman $5,000 for 'legal work.' She really just hoped they'd end up in bed together. She sent the money to the trans woman's outside family. The trans woman did not give her any sex! Next thing you know, she accused the trans woman of extortion!! The both of them went to lock-up pending the outcome of the investigation!!

So many bad things happened surrounding this woman and the greed wanting her money! But that last move of trying to spend money hoping to get sex, then accusing extortion! WOW!! I can say she was not extorted. She spent money hoping to get something sexual out of it. She couldn't resist the woman who literally is a man with no penis. This trans-woman CUT OFF HER OWN PENIS!! While at the men's prison!! She performed her own sex change!! She was a rapist!! Now she's here. She's still big and strong!! Deep voice, etc. Just no penis.

The combo of abundant cash flow, sexual desire and nefarious intentions led to the only possible outcome!! Trouble. The devil had lots of fun with this...

"If anybody Cares...I'm 6 Years Sober!"

Amber S. Jackson

Next month, May 2021, I'll be 6 years clean. It went by slow! I'm in college now!! I'm a totally different person. I had no idea what to expect from my sobriety. I had no plan. I just stopped using and suffered through readjusting to my life being clean. I didn't even plan to stay clean. I just took it one day at a time.

If I had written out a 5-10 year plan, I'm where I'd want to be. I'm SO PROUD To BE IN COLLEGE!!! College is my pride and joy!!! To anyone who cares or anyone who needs inspiration, please use this for reflection!! I Hope my words touch someone is recovery!! I'm a real person. Teetering on the edge of sanity and a mental break down daily. Wondering how much longer I can carry this load with each step. If I've reached this milestone you can also!! Remember that!


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