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12 Step Announcement


Next Month, MAY, 2021, I, Ms. Amber S. Jackson, am 6 years sober. I did it. In prison. You can do it too!! No MATTER where you are!! Do it one day at a time! Start with the first step. Then keep going!! Don't use no matter what. It gets easier. I took one day as it came. Then the next day. Some days were harder than others. I began the M.A.T. PROGRAM. Medication assisted treatment about 4-5 months ago. The pandemic stressed me to the point where I needed extra help. I was losing my mind and ready to give up. M.A.T. was my last resort. It actually meant a lot to have that option! I'm surprised at how well it works!! Anything but RELAPSE!! REMEMBER THAT! Be stubborn. Don't give in to urges or carvings!! Ever! Play video games, draw, bike ride, take a bath. In prison we have few of those options available. But I made no excuses. Ask for help. Get your sponsor. Addiction is soaring during this pandemic. You must keep yourself in check!! It is not a free pass to excuse USE of drugs!

Anyway, I hope I'm able to help someone stay strong. We need all the encouragement we can get. I look back and thank myself for making it this far. Sobriety is Delicate! Care for it and value it!! AMEN!


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