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Special Delivery for Delivery Workers: Local Woman Makes Sure the FedEx and USPS Drivers Stay Hydrated and Happy

Once Eileen saw how grateful the delivery workers were to receive the water, she enhanced her service with a variety of snacks

During the Covid-19 lockdown, at least one person noticed the increased workload on the delivery personnel, the drivers for Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and the post office. During the summer heat wave, Eileen Tennant-Grant was unable to watch the delivery workers come and go without feeling that something should be done to help them out.

So Eileen took to keeping cold bottles of water in the refrigerator, which she handed out to every delivery person who came to the door. Using the family's Ring device, she made sure nobody was left out of an invitation to accept a bottle of cold water. Her husband, Mark Grant, says that "any time the Ring activates, she rushes to the door, asks the delivery person if she/he would like a cold bottle of water (which is always answered with a yes response)." If Eileen can't be at home, she leaves a red pail with bottles on the front porch with a note, "please help yourself."

Once Eileen saw how grateful the delivery workers were to receive the water, she enhanced her service with a variety of snacks - breakfast bars, nuts, cookies, and fruit chews - which she offers the worker from a tray. "I've watched the interaction between her and the delivery persons and it's always a heartwarming experience," Mark says. He overheard one of the Amazon drivers say the water and snacks enabled him to get through his workday.

Eileen is no stranger to helping those in need. She used to be the Office Manager at the Palisades Animal Clinic. Unfortunately, severe, chronic back pain forced her to retire early. According to Mark, "she lights up at the chance to do for others in this small but meaningful way."

Already retired himself from his job as Special Assistant to the late Bill Rosendahl, her husband, Mark, says the lockdown "hasn't really impacted us" because "we enjoy each other's company." But he notes that Eileen's determination to give water and snacks to the delivery people is her way of "being in contact with the outside world."

Eileen is a lifelong Santa Monica resident, born at Santa Monica Hospital and graduating santa monica high school. Her parents were immigrants from Glasgow and "would be so proud of what she is doing," according to Mark. Her sister, Linda Tennant, is also a lifelong Santa Monican. Mark is unable to claim such native distinction, but has made Santa Monica his longtime home after moving here following his graduation from college.

Mark told us he hadn't mentioned to Eileen that he was speaking to the press about her special delivery for the delivery workers. Instead, the article about her refreshment service will be a surprise gift for their 10th wedding anniversary on May 7. Best wishes to the Tennant-Grant family!


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