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Super Happy Prisoner On Purpose

As the lockdown in prison is lifted, inmates can go outside, gather with others, and be in class again

I'm back! Back in SCHOOL! IN-PERSON. Daily. Also, DAILY, I go to in-person substance abuse treatment!! It's been over 3 weeks of prisoners INTEGRATION. For the first time in over a year, the prisoner population mixed together. Bla Bla Bla...

So, I'm super happy!! I've not been able to feel or say that in such a long time. Why am I happy? I'm able to go to drug treatment class, where we process and have healthy conversation and interact. It's priceless. It's ESSENTIAL!! This is the cause of my positive emotional state!

Productivity is necessary for all human beings. I'm now moving towards my goal. We all are!! Thank you, God. I'm energized by purpose!! Knowing where I am and where I'm headed. I've been bumped and spun, but I'm back on track towards my freedom and owning several businesses. I'm not kidding around. My first semester of Chaffey College business school down!! I began college during the pandemic!! I was once so depressed that I was going to drop out!! I was feeling so depressed! Like the pandemic would NEVER END! That's how it felt in this cell!!

So, after only my 2nd day of going back to school, I noticed my positive energy and am no longer feeling hopeless!! I'm now feeling better than I've felt in a really long time. I'm in college!! Boom!!

I'm in vocational computer related technology!! Plus, my recovery class!! All good.

To illustrate my point. I write a journal every day. I woke up Friday morning with my face swollen and my eye shut. My infected tooth caused this. So I went to dental, did a 15-minute rapid test and got medication for it.

Later as I wrote in my journal, I didn't even write about my tooth!!?? Why?? Well, I learned something from that... I was in such a good mental place that I didn't even give the tooth much thought and didn't even think to write about it. It was not even on my mental map or inventory of things that happened!! Journaling helped me realize that?? Such a visibly large problem couldn't ruin my day!!

I go to school daily and my mind is healthy!! Nothing can replace that!! Not any psyche med or any other BS thing like meditation strategy!! Simply letting us circulate, be healthy and get a little sun, move towards goals, share and hear others sharing. I'm loaded with positive energy right now. I spent so much time in the pit of depression. Now, my happiness is even and stable. Because it comes not from one single thing, but from several things. So, it's not a giddy, childish happiness. It's my confident smile, backed with a full mind, a healthy body and a lifted spirit. It took me over 10 days to let the prison opening sink in. I did not want to get happy, only to let them lock us right down again within a few days.

On the 31st, we have a one hour walk-a-thon. Prizes for most laps walked. Normally not my thing. But since we're now free, I plan to participate!!

It'll be healthy and new for me!! I newly appreciate even the ability to just go outside!!


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