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Mistake Releases 34 Cows From Slaughterhouse. Cows Run Amok in Pico Rivera Neighborhood

In a scene out of the old West, LA County Sheriff's deputies attempt to round up cattle

Oh the humanity! An employee who neglected to close a gate, released 34 cows from a slaughterhouse near Pico Rivera, in South LA County. Saving them from certain death and the Golden Arches. The 1000 pound animals ran wild for the next six hours, as they were tracked down one by one.

One cow was shot and killed by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies, because she was charging directly towards a stroller holding a baby. This on Walnut Avenue in Pico Rivera. One cow was lasooed and broke free and ran down Canal Avenue.

"They took off running down Beverly Drive," explained one local woman, "running for their lives. Eat more chicken!"

Daisy Laureano, a local resident, videotaped the running herd on Facebook.

"We did see two trailers leave this area, with cows inside," said a KTTV reporter.

Law enforcement and slaughterhouse employees attempted to round them up. The plan seemed to be to round up the cows, all females, and bring them back to the slaughterhouse.

How did they end up in this particular neighborhood? Did someone from an animal rights group set them free? Animal rights groups had representatives in the neighborhood, but they weren't speaking to the press, except to deny any involvement.

Some local residents decided to leave the neighborhood for the day. But not Gilbert Chavez "I kicked back in my front yard, just seeing the cows running, I thought they were horses, which we occasionally see around here. I occasionally see cops, no one is used to seeing all that."

As of 11 PM, the cattle were still running around the usually quiet neighborhood.


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