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Invitation for Santa Monica Mayor Sue Himmelrich to Debate the Future of Parking Structure 3

Downtown Santa Monica property owner challenges the Mayor to a debate about housing, parking and priorities

Dear Mayor Himmelrich,

The future of Parking Structure 3 in Downtown Santa Monica at 1320 4th Street has become a widespread topic of discussion among residents and business owners within our city and throughout the Los Angeles Basin.

Residents especially want to know more about the issue. There are compelling reasons for maintaining and demolishing the parking structure. Many have expressed a desire for more discussion and an opportunity to vote on the issue in the next general election in November 2022.

Our residents, businesses and visitors from all over LA County will be affected whatever the outcome. We need further debate without fracturing our community. This parking/housing issue is not ours alone. We are only stewards of this great City and its physical assets. We have a moral obligation to carefully consider how we hand our city over to our children and grandchildren... hopefully in good shape and well designed.

Setting aside the legal issues tied to this issue, I would like to invite you to a one-on-one debate/discussion that focuses on the related pro and cons of the issues.

A main purpose of the debate would be to respectfully discuss the issues with soft words and hard arguments.

* Highly respected author, journalist, anchor for Edify TV, producer and Santa Monica resident Juliet Lemar, has agreed to moderate the debate on this issue between the two of us without an audience.

* You would select the morning time and date.

* The location of the debate would be in the Creative Production Studios at 1848 Lincoln Blvd., near Pico.

* Award winning and acclaimed producer and director Keith Salmon, also a Santa Monica resident, would produce and film the debate which could air live, by podcast or at later times on City TV (Santa Monica's cable channel), Spectrum TV, and elsewhere.

* I agree to pay all debate-related costs and for the production time and studio rental costs.

Let's raise our words, not our voices, and help Santa Monica voters and all those listening and watching, to better understand all sides of this important issue, no matter how divergent our views may seem.

Please accept my invitation.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

John Alle


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