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Curated Care Offers Vetted Options for After School Sitters, Date-night Sitters, Pod Teachers, and Tutors

CuratedCare.Com Brings Vetted Artists & Teachers to LA Families Looking for Better Babysitting

CuratedCare.Com, an innovative NYC-based babysitting website that connects parents with a unique community of teachers and artists, is launching in Los Angeles. For five years, Curated Care has made the impossible possible by helping NYC families find vetted and inspiring options for after school sitters, date night sitters, pod teachers, and tutors.

Now in LA, serving families from Santa Monica to Pasadena, Curated Care aims to revolutionize the child care industry with an inspiring provider pool and an easy to use booking tool.

Curated Care's providers, called "Kid Experts", are fun, inspiring, and engaging babysitters who possess degrees and artistic abilities: artists, musicians, teachers, coaches, tutors and generally awesome humans you want around your kiddos.

Not only do they cover babysitting needs, they are able to share their skills and talents during that time. They are also highly vetted. Curated Care interviews, background checks, and reference checks every provider on the site, aiming to assist fams in their own vetting & matching. This allows fams to choose providers not just based on their qualifications but additional, inspiring criteria, like who can provide the most educational, most creative, most fun experience for your children.

"The platform creates a way to seamlessly cover your child care needs which is huge, but the key differentiator is the provider pool on our site" says Co-Founder, Erin McConaghy, "If I can easily find someone to cover a date night that's awesome, but if I can find a super inspiring, cool person that I'm genuinely excited to have around my child, that's next level. It just feels so, so good".

Since its launch in 2016, Curated Care has evolved into a vibrant community. Kid Experts range from Broadway actors, Rhodes Scholars, Juilliard dancers, Montessori teachers and more. New York families who have used the service include accomplished artists, actors, entrepreneurs, influencers and thought leaders themselves. Now launching in LA with a similarly inspiring provider pool and a community of hyper creative, early adopter families. With over 300 vetted, specialized "Kid Experts", Curated Care offers an alternative to other sites by providing the ease and efficiency of a modern app with the premium quality of a boutique agency.

"Prior to using Curated Care's services, I either had to rely on references from friends or other parents in the neighborhood or go through very expensive placement services." Explains mama, Nan Sue, "Curated Care was beyond amazing and helpful when I needed a sitter for the entire school year. We got a sitter who my children love! Curated Care is hands down the best service available to parents." Dane, dad to 3 year old Logan, adds; "My wife and I tried Curated Care last year for the first time. Our son loved it! The Kid Expert brought her guitar and played while he listened and laughed to the music. He was so happy!"

Curated Care will be hosting a number of in-person events in August and September so families can meet "Kid Experts" in person. Meet them the first Sunday of every month at Melrose Trading Post, where they will be making friendship bracelets with kiddos.

They will be at Crescent Park in Playa Vista every Saturday from 10-10:30am hosting a free Musical Storytime Series with Fit4Mom Westside and in Santa Monica every Saturday from 10:30am-11:00am, starting September 11th, hosting a Musical Storytime series with Fit4Mom Santa Monica.

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