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Larry Elder is the Black Moses Who Will Lead California Out of the Wilderness of Progressive Policies

National leaders like Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and Nanacy Pelosi have trash talked him, which is why he has a shot.

The Los Angeles Times has been attacking him for weeks. He's being outspent ten to one. National leaders like Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have trash talked him. So it's clear Larry Elder has a shot at the Governor's mansion in this recall election versus Governor Gavin Newsom.

Elder is a registered Republican, but he is a philosophical Libertarian. As a Libertarian, Elder believes individuals should make the decisions that are best for them.

Like Libertarianism itself, Elder doesn't fit easily in the rubric of US Left and Right. For example, they are in favor of gay marriage, which is not exactly a conservative position. He believes the police should leave people alone if they are not violating the rights of others, and that regulation of small businesses should be less, both of which could be identified as Progressive positions.

53% of the ballots turns in so far are Democratic. The conventional wisdom is that all of these are votes against the recall. That the 24% of ballots which are from registered Republicans are against Newsom, and the 22% of ballots which are independent are split. The conventional wisdom is wrong.

There is a class bias in California when it comes to elections. People who work in tech, and whose lives were not impacted by the lockdowns, vote Democrat anyway. People who are blue collar typically vote Democrat as well, while middle class people own businesses and tend to vote republican.

This pandemic and the lockdowns, has been crushing for the blue collar workers. Moms have had to stay at home and take care of the children.

Newsom and fellow elected Democrats let all of California's prisoners out of jail. Then they allowed the gangs to run the pushcarts, and allowed the homeless to shoot meth in every park. Then they closed all the businesses, and locked up all the good people of California, ordering them to stay at home. They ordered school teachers to teach racist diatribe no one wanted but a few progressives. They "defunded" the police. People have a long memory for this sort of thing.

Don't be surprised if Gov. Newsom is circulating his resume this September. And if he is not turned out of office, don't be surprised if he locks us all down again, citing the Delta Variant of Covid.


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