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Internet Abuzz Over Video Footage of a UFO Being Wheeled Into a US Military Base

The sighting comes at a time of increased speculation about UFO's nationwide

The internet is abuzz with speculation over what looks to some people like a UFO, being wheeled into a US Military base on San Diego's Coronado Island. The item looks to some viewers like a stealth aircraft. The video may be seen on twitter at the following link:

The sighting comes at a time of increased speculation about UFO's nationwide. There has been an apparent spike in sightings. In a new, leaked video, what appears to be a UFO flies around a Navy ship off the coast of San Diego before suddenly disappearing after flying into the Pacific Ocean. This according to NBC news.

Meanwhile, a Florida resident recently caught 2 orbs on his home security camera. The video shows lights moving rapidly across the frame.

The US Military recently declassified files showing that they have studied the phenomenon of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAPs. The report concludes that the UAPs are either an unknown natural phenomenon, or technology from a terrestrial adversary. Russia and China deny that they have any aircraft that can suddenly change direction and seem to avoid the force of gravity.


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