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Concerns were raised about condoms being used to hide evidence of rape - in a women's prison by 'women'

Transgender Women Levels Rise at Women's Prison But No More Condoms?

Here at the CIW's women's yard, transgender women numbers continue to go up. How many? I'm not sure. With Covid-19 causing restricted movement, I'm limited on info. I'm also not sure what to call these people with full male anatomy. So I'll just call them what they are, PENISES. After all, that's what this is all about...

No more condoms being given! After only one issuance, CDCR abruptly stopped? But why? I'll tell you why! We, us women here at CIW, raised hell over the condoms! Next thing you know, CDCR can't answer the many tough questions about the controversial WOMENS PRISON CONDOM PROGRAM! At a meeting with the Inmate Family Council, CIW's associate warden was unable to answer questions posed to him about this issue. Like "what happens when one of these people with a penis uses that penis and a condom to avoid leaving evidence of a prison rape?" A prison rape by an anatomical male now located on a women's prison yard? I can just imagine the headlines.

These days, as I go about my day, I regularly see at least one man walk past me. One in particular has made no attempt to live life as a "trans woman." He has a long ponytail. He looks like any other man. He is the man whom, when he first arrived here at CIW, used a condom, had sex with a woman, and guess what? A condom was used! It was consensual. I know the girl on the other end of it. She wanted to "get pregnant." Who cares if he likely has AIDS? Let's get it on. I was beside myself when I saw this circus go to a new level! The officers found the used condom and took HIM, in handcuffs, to be checked by medical staff. Additionally, shortly after this lovely event on the yard, the prison installed strategically placed cameras on all areas of the prison. Additionally, police body cameras were mounted on all officers! If anymore monkey business goes down, they'll have a video-trail to follow. Literally.

The cameras... In front of each building is a bulbous camera coming out of a 10-point camera with lenses facing all directions. It's a sight to see! Plus other cameras are in all areas inside and outside. Can you imagine? We're only safe from this surveillance in our cells, the showers and the bathrooms. I'm okay with most of it because it will keep theft and robberies from happening. Not a problem for me personally, but it's an issue in some of the more ghetto, wild housing units. So, it will keep the weaker and older people safe and by doing so, keep us all safer overall.

What do my fellow prisoners think of all these penises? I'm open about hating this and feeling much less safe with male anatomy on the yard. Others seem to be afraid to seem prejudice or "trans-phobic." I argue many of these people are not truly trans. They have indeed committed gender fraud. Simply saying they're a woman but never required to even take a psyche evaluation to show their gender dysmorphia? Come on now! Why do so many men want to come to women's prisons but not one trans man wants to go to an all male prison facility? Women live much better within prisons. They always will. We have more property allowed, better privileges and such more ease of policies and procedures. So, this has opened the floodgates to all manner of B.S. motivations by men why have very little hurdles to climb to get to be men serving time among a women's yard. Ladies and gentlemen, multiple foxes are now in the hen house! Those in CA political power barely sneeze at all this.

One thing is for sure, I'll have more prison penis updates for you. It's just beginning. Where is when you need them?


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