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Non-Partisan Voter Registration Specialist Gets Covid-19 Booster Shot at University High School

Expressing Gratitude After a Covid-19 Booster Injection at University High School Just Before Halloween, 2021

Dateline: 10/25/21, University High School, West of Westwood - From the pictures its obvious, so why am i writing a long caption ....... well because there is a lot to say:

Thanks to Gary Leonard - LAs number one photojournalist for coming out to document my booster inoculation, which parenthetically was smooth simple painless. Thank you, Venice Family Clinic, which supplied the staff.

When I called and asked for an appointment, I told a very nice lady from the CA department of public health that I would go anywhere in LA County in order to get a Covid booster.

Wow! The first location she offered was my high school. I'm not a stranger at my alma mater. As we all know ....... most of life goes back to high school.

This proud UniHi alumni - class of '65 , visits regularly to speak in classrooms about democracy and elections and to register graduating seniors to vote. I also to volunteer monthly for gardening at the historic Tongva Sacred Springs in the south east corner of campus. UniHi is special. I'd be proud to give you a tour sometime.

The day of my vaccination ( set up in the east gym , back in the day called the girls gym ) we walked the campus before leaving so i could point out a mural from 2011 done by art students. I point it out not only because its a cool "tall wall " painting , but its an example of why i say this school from 1925 continues to be special ...... every high school in the country puts up a 8 by 10 inch photograph of the president in the hall near the principals office . This is what you see at Uni !!

Thank you public health professionals, Uni High staff , plus special appreciation to Gary Leonard for documenting my historic day. Note : All my voter registration everywhere and at Uni is always non partisan. All the best-Chuck Levin


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