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  • Postmaster Louis de Joy's Policies Have Been a Disaster for the US Post Office. It's Time to Remove Him From Office

    Chuck Levin, Lifelong postal patron|Aug 14, 2023

    Under the current postmaster general the cost of stamps keeps going up, service keeps going down, the post office is drowning. Louis de Joy has, in 4 years, never missed an opportunity to perpetrate the dismantling of the United States Postal Service. Meanwhile, the critical federal government battle to contain inflation can not count on postmaster general de Joy's help in this national initiative to avoid recession. The soaring cost of living is not imagined, prices for everything from gas to...

  • University High School Track and Cross Country Coach Richard Kampmann Inducted into CIF Hall of Fame

    Chuck Levin, Special to the Observer|Apr 26, 2023

    I was delighted to attend a very special occasion honoring University High School's legendary running coach Richard Kampmann (1925- 2017), at his induction into the California Interscholastic Federation High School Sports Hall of Fame (CIF). The event was held Sunday April 16, 2023 in Granada Hills, with more than 450 people at the dinner ceremony, there to honor 17 coaches posthumously, recent coaches and outstanding high school athletes. This is an every 2 year event which recognizes sports...

  • Under Louis de Joy the United States Postal Service (USPS) is a Horrific Mess and an Embarrassment.

    Chuck Levin, lifelong USPS patron|Apr 7, 2023

    The United States Postal Service is in desperate shape . And, with his 3 years of destructive leadership the USPS Postmaster General Louis de Joy , is generally responsible . This postmaster is the one person most culpable in the relentless dismantling of our national treasure . Mr de Joy did not start the demise of our magnificent post office , that started 5 decades ago under President Nixon, plus continuing political mischief on capitol hill, and the cynical neglect by various...

  • The 2022 Election Was the Most Democratic in American History, And Well Worth the Wait

    Chuck Levin, Democratic Party Strategist|Dec 29, 2022

    16: The 2022 election results are now part of recorded history. It takes 30 days after each election to count all the votes, implement audits, launch recounts where mandated. The required procedures insuring accuracy are all codified and part of election administration. Election administrators at the local and state level finalize results thru an official canvass. 30 days is what it takes before election results are certified and official. That has always been the methodical process for...

  • Reject and Ignore the Pollsters, TV Pundits and Political Psychics: Just Go Vote

    Chuck Levin, Exec. Dir., The First Vote|Oct 29, 2022

    Our general election on November 8 is fast approaching! Voters may vote weeks early by mail, or drop their ballot in an official drop box, or vote in person. LA County election information is available at Voter registration continues, and serious procrastinators may even register in person up to and including November 8 with "conditional voter registration." Fortunately here in California, the county registrars and secretary of state construct and Implement the finest process and...

  • Exploring the World of a Vegetarian Diet Begins With You in 2022

    Chuck Levin, Special to the Observer|Jul 15, 2022

    We love animals. Human beings have a lot to say about animal beings, plus a lot of shared experience since the beginning of time. Animals are painted on pre historic walls, chased, domesticated, written of, hunted, there are centuries of works of art, one longest running musical on Broadway. Animals are idealized, villainized, feared, loved. They are definitely a significant part of our world, our culture, environment, society and our everyday life. It's not cool that hundreds are endangered,...

  • To Save the US Post Office, Fire Louis de Joy, Bring Back Historic Post Offices and Restore the 25 Cent Stamps

    Chuck Levin, Longtime Westside Resident|May 27, 2022

    To save, preserve and expand the United States Postal Service requires making the post office a national priority. Plus, first firing Louis de Joy. Now that the dysfunctional board which governs the postal service has new directors firing Postmaster de Joy is - priority one !! Note to president Biden ...... please, before your next international trip, before you sign your next bill, before your next state dinner, before your next cabinet meeting ...... in other words, immediately please fire...

  • Saving the US Postal Service From Budget Cuts, Politics and Neglect Must be a National Priority

    Chuck Levin, Special to the Observer|Nov 22, 2021

    Saving the United States Postal Service and stopping disingenuous forces from dismantling and privatizing it must be a national priority. We have witnessed the destruction of our post office and that must end, service levels must be restored and expanded, postage rates reduced; PO box rental prices slashed and new PO boxes added, local post offices re-opened, mail boxes that this postmaster general blatantly confiscated weeks before a national election must all be returned; and of course new...

  • Non-Partisan Voter Registration Specialist Gets Covid-19 Booster Shot at University High School

    Chuck Levin, Special to the Observer|Nov 3, 2021

    Dateline: 10/25/21, University High School, West of Westwood - From the pictures its obvious, so why am i writing a long caption ....... well because there is a lot to say: Thanks to Gary Leonard - LAs number one photojournalist for coming out to document my booster inoculation, which parenthetically was smooth simple painless. Thank you, Venice Family Clinic, which supplied the staff. When I called and asked for an appointment, I told a very nice lady from the CA department of public health tha...