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Postmaster Louis de Joy's Policies Have Been a Disaster for the US Post Office. It's Time to Remove Him From Office

He has crippling mail delivery, removed mail boxes, compromised vote by mail ballots, shutting down post offices coast to coast, intimidated letter carriers and drivers

Under the current postmaster general the cost of stamps keeps going up, service keeps going down, the post office is drowning. Louis de Joy has, in 4 years, never missed an opportunity to perpetrate the dismantling of the United States Postal Service.

Meanwhile, the critical federal government battle to contain inflation can not count on postmaster general de Joy's help in this national initiative to avoid recession.

The soaring cost of living is not imagined, prices for everything from gas to eggs, avocados to movie tickets, kombucha to rent skyrocketed in the last 4 years.

The national debt has multiplied, recession fears are real. In the classic film " the sting ", charming grifter Robert Redford quipped, " theres always a depression ", and, todays threats of a government shutdown over the federal budget, the reality of price manipulation related to interruptions caused by war in Ukraine, and Texas oil boy exploitation also escalate anxiety and insecurity. Its true capitol hill partisan incivility aggravates economic uncertainty...... all the more more reason for a determined chief executive to act forcefully to provide stability at the USPS.

The relentless schemes of Louis de Joy to gouge patrons, destroy morale, cut staff, and strangle this essential agency has been documented by the media, congress, the postal unions, economists, and the federal judiciary.

Postmaster general Louis de Joy is, for his 4th summer, hiking the price of stamps, raising parcel costs, adding never before nuisance fees, increasing PO box rental rates, continuing corrupt privatization, while if you can believe it simultaneously promising worse service. Two years ago President Biden could have removed Trump holdover de Joy, and selected a person of integrity to promptly restore our national treasure.

That would end opportunities for de Joy to continue crippling mail delivery, removing mail boxes, compromising vote by mail ballots, shutting down post offices coast to coast, intimidating letter carriers and drivers. When the person in charge is scheming to rip up the fabric of the USPS, why is he still there.

Removing this postmaster is long overdue. President Biden should immediately send Louis de Joy on his way, consistent with Mr. Biden's agenda to restore public institutions, rebuild infrastructure, expand jobs, and bring down inflation.

The priority should be to save a revered agency which has served our nation, every person, business, institution, and zip code since 1775.

Political crony Louis de Joy is complicit in the destruction of the USPS and he threatens national security. Its past time for president Biden to end the menace of Mr de joy, retire the unaccountable postal board of governors, make the USPS a cabinet department with a secretary, and immediately lower postage stamps to 25 cents.

A great summer gift for one and all.

Sincerely, chuck levin - University High School class of '65 & lifelong postal patron.


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Librarian writes:

Our public agencies are becoming ATMs for corporations and corrupt operatives. The world is all a front these days.