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Articles from the August 14, 2023 edition

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  • Judge Revokes Sam Bankman Fried's Bail, Alleging "Witness Tampering" Against Deposed Crypto King

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Aug 14, 2023

    A Federal judge has revoked the bail of former FTX crypto exchange CEO Sam Bankman Fried, alleging that the former billionaire had engaged in witness tampering. In judge parlance, that typically means contacting former friends and asking them not to testify against the Defendant. CNBC reports that SBF made over 1000 phone calls and sent over 100 emails to members of the press. In particular, the Judge was concerned that SBF hoped to intimidate his ex girlfriend, Ellison, from testifying against...

  • Lil Tay's Fans, Manager Question Family's Report of her Death

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Aug 14, 2023

    Lil Tay (her real name is Claire Hope), is a 14 year old Instagram influencer. Her family (or someone--it's not signed) posted a statement to her Instagram, stating that she had died. No information about her alleged death was included. There are reports that her father used to abuse her, and other reports that her brother Tian is also dead. This from Instagram user Dred Scott: "SHE ALIVE CHECK MY STORY, THE COPS CANT EVEN CONFIRM A DEATH UNDER HER NAME OR BROTH...

  • Postmaster Louis de Joy's Policies Have Been a Disaster for the US Post Office. It's Time to Remove Him From Office

    Chuck Levin, Lifelong postal patron|Aug 14, 2023

    Under the current postmaster general the cost of stamps keeps going up, service keeps going down, the post office is drowning. Louis de Joy has, in 4 years, never missed an opportunity to perpetrate the dismantling of the United States Postal Service. Meanwhile, the critical federal government battle to contain inflation can not count on postmaster general de Joy's help in this national initiative to avoid recession. The soaring cost of living is not imagined, prices for everything from gas to...

  • Stockton Police Deny Investigating 7-Eleven Workers for Violating the Civil Rights of a Shoplifter In Their Convenience Store

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Aug 14, 2023

    Update: Stockton mayor denies that the 7-eleven clerks in the now famous video, are or ever were under criminal investigation. 8.9.23 Stockton, CA police say that they are now investigating the Sikh 7-Eleven workers for assault on a shoplifter. The shoplifter, who emptied cigarettes, aspirin and other inventory into a trash can to wheel them off, happens to be African American. So they are being investigated for assault and for violating his civil rights. The employees were seen in the viral...

  • Maui's Main Town Lahaina Destroyed in a Forest Fire; US Coast Guard Rescues Civilians Fleeing Fire Into the Ocean

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Aug 14, 2023

    Update, 8.11.23: State authorities say the death toll has risen to 59. Emergency workers and volunteers from Maui and other parts of the State search the burned out town. The governor and sheriff pledged to rebuild Lahaina, which is 80% destroyed. The fires on Maui were said to be 80% contained by Thursday night. Hotels and shelters were lined up for several months of housing. Power and water were still out in West Maui. Update, 8.10: At least 36 deaths were connected to the fires, local...

  • Full Circle: From Ballet to Marketing and Back

    Jill Homes|Aug 14, 2023

    Perris McCracken has always loved dancing. She started her training at a young age, studying ballet, jazz, African, modern, and tap at various schools in Los Angeles. She performed with renowned companies and artists, such as Debbie Allen, City Ballet of Los Angeles, and Lula Washington Dance Theatre. She earned a degree in Fine Arts from Loyola Marymount University and worked as a dance instructor for many years. But life took her on a different path. She explored other careers, such as marketi...

  • Final Death Toll in Lahaina, Maui Fires May Exceed 1500. Do the Math Yourself.

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Aug 14, 2023

    No one in an official capacity will admit it, and it's too horrible to contemplate. But it's also a question of simple mathematics. Only 89 people have been confirmed dead in the August 9th fire that destroyed Maui's old town of Lahaina. But up to 1500 people are reported to be missing. The New York Times posted Saturday that only 3% of the wreckage had been searched. 89 bodies have been found. 89 times 33 equals 2937. Disturbingly, cell phones failed minutes before the disastrous wildfire...