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Stockton Police Deny Investigating 7-Eleven Workers for Violating the Civil Rights of a Shoplifter In Their Convenience Store

Store workers are being investigated for assault and for violating the shoplifters civil rights.

Update: Stockton mayor denies that the 7-eleven clerks in the now famous video, are or ever were under criminal investigation. 8.9.23

Stockton, CA police say that they are now investigating the Sikh 7-Eleven workers for assault on a shoplifter. The shoplifter, who emptied cigarettes, aspirin and other inventory into a trash can to wheel them off, happens to be African American. So they are being investigated for assault and for violating his civil rights.

The employees were seen in the viral video beating the shoplifter who threatened them with a weapon. The shoplifter previously robbed the business twice, and so was familiar to the store employees

"I looked it up and Yes I have been to this 7-Eleven many times. The workers were always polite and don't deserve to be placed in this position due to failed policies. It's demoralizing to be working a job which already doesn't pay well only to watch someone take from it. I'll be stopping in my next trip to NorCal," tweeted Thomas Peters


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Gab1 writes:

Dont mess with Sikhs. They represent Indians finest military traditions and are the backbone of the Indian armed forces. These small store owners operate on a small margin. They do not live on government handouts . The thieves deserved what they got. Indian Americans stand by our brave compatriots. Democrat politicians take note.

Imaraycist writes:

Joggers gonna jog