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Final Death Toll in Lahaina, Maui Fires May Exceed 1500. Do the Math Yourself.

The New York Times says that only 3% of the destroyed town has been searched. 89 bodies have been found. If you do the math, you get 2900

No one in an official capacity will admit it, and it's too horrible to contemplate. But it's also a question of simple mathematics. Only 89 people have been confirmed dead in the August 9th fire that destroyed Maui's old town of Lahaina. But up to 1500 people are reported to be missing.

The New York Times posted Saturday that only 3% of the wreckage had been searched. 89 bodies have been found. 89 times 33 equals 2937.

Disturbingly, cell phones failed minutes before the disastrous wildfire entered the city limits. The town's tsunami alarm system also failed, as the power failed when the fire approached the town. In many ways it was the worst sequence of events imaginable. No electricity meant no way to warn people. Many survivors indeed report that they received no warning. No sirens or text messages came.

2200 structures, 86% of the damaged or destroyed buildings were residential. FEMA estimates it will take $5.5 billion to rebuild, and reconstruction will take 5 years.

"Hawaii Wildfires Death Toll in Maui Inferno Reaches 89," says the New York Times.

"Gov. Josh Green of Hawaii said the number would likely increase as search efforts proceeded in Lahaina, the historic town devastated by flames. It is now the deadliest U.S. wildfire in more than 100 years."


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