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The 2022 Election Was the Most Democratic in American History, And Well Worth the Wait

Just Because the Results Took a Long Time To Certify, Doesn't Mean There Was Anything Wrong With the 2022 Election.

12.27.22: The 2022 election results are now part of recorded history. It takes 30 days after each election to count all the votes, implement audits, launch recounts where mandated. The required procedures insuring accuracy are all codified and part of election administration.

Election administrators at the local and state level finalize results thru an official canvass. 30 days is what it takes before election results are certified and official. That has always been the methodical process for decades in California, around the country, and, thats part of what defines a constitutional Democracy.

Furthermore, since 2002, in the aftermath of the 2000 election fiasco, federal law created HAVA the " Help America Vote Act. HAVA established the Federal Election Assistance Commission to help cities,counties and states with guidance, advances in technology, and strengthen systems against domestic mischief and foreign attack.

Meanwhile, on election day even before voting ends, the obsessive TV pundits, political clairvoyants, cynical pollsters contrive predictions. These are the same perpetrators who predict for weeks and months before election day.

These poseurs on TV are a menace, stampeding to speculate on election outcomes, predicting winners, hyping rollercoaster preliminary returns - all designed to keep viewers tuned in. Lately they pressure candidates to prematurely concede based on their TV projections and Algorithms. The elitist TV media game is to pretend that elections are determined by them. Wrong. Voters decide elections, not these shallow hacks on TV. Votes decide elections, not colorful graphics and predictions.

Clearly these TV hustlers are addicted to the conceit of guessing who won and who lost. Sadly we cant cure them of their addition, but we can tune them out. Nowadays TV cant resist pretending it is the decider of winners and losers. TV pundits, hustler pollsters and shallow experts are always wrong, never in doubt, without apology.

Meanwhile, its our responsibility to be aware, informed of current events, talk to family, friends, neighbors about candidates and measures, and, ignore tracking polls, reject the endless hype and cynicism. And then, after voting ends, it's best to avoid devoting your energy to following preliminary returns on election night.

Instead, go out to the movies, listen to Springsteen and Enya, go to a brasserie, help the local economy. The long process of counting the votes is underway, so explore free museums, go for a picnic, discover national parks.

In other words, patiently await the semi - official election result which takes 3 weeks, or if its real close, wait those 30 days for the final official result. It all takes time, since in recent years ballots may be accepted as long as they are postmarked by election day, and especially since postmaster general louis de joy has crippled the USPS and it takes days and days.

Voting in elections is our right, our privilege, our responsibility. And along the way, we are not obligated to ponder contrived polls predicting who will win or follow trivial TV pundits guessing who will lose. Best for our personal well being to patiently allow all the ballots to be counted, and best for our country's peace of mind to patiently await for the official election result. Simply put, ignoring polls, pollsters & shallow TV pundits is the smart political move.


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