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Under Louis de Joy the United States Postal Service (USPS) is a Horrific Mess and an Embarrassment.

It's long past time for President Biden  to reform, resurrect and restore our beloved post office

The United States Postal Service is  in desperate shape .

And, with his 3 years of destructive leadership the USPS Postmaster General Louis de Joy , is generally responsible . This postmaster is the one person most culpable in the relentless  dismantling of our national treasure .

Mr de Joy did not start  the  demise of our magnificent  post office , that  started 5 decades ago under President Nixon, plus continuing political mischief  on capitol hill, and the cynical neglect by various administrations , all colluding in ways that drown  the USPS .  But , it is Mr de Joy who  reigns as  the number 1 perpetrator  complicit in crippling the postal service in unprecedented ways  , who stands accused of embracing  corrupt contracts that benefited his own XPO Logistics company, and who immediately on his appointment in 2020 moved  to ruin  this agency at every  level.

He did more than anyone to poison its reputation and sour the confidence of this historic revered  institution.  Specifics of his assaults on the  post office and his illicit political agenda are highlighted by his  compromising of public trust  during the 2020 election  and , that alone demands his removal . But he is still there doing damage daily .

His detrimental schemes continued again , before the 2022 elections.  Yet he is still in his job . Mr de Joy  policies and priorities intentionally wreak havoc and in fact he even once confessed his intention was to delay service  . What a failure that he remains postmaster . Our  country endures the disastrous  consequences of his management every day.

Those  USPS  board of governors appointed by President Biden are negligent ,  and clearly the entire anachronistic  Board has failed  in its mission to protect , preserve , and expand our USPS . The record shows Postmaster General Louis de Joy  raised the cost of stamps , increased parcel rates, and nearly doubled post office box fees . He closed  countless post offices .

His irresponsibility is a public insult  .  He took a virtual  sledgehammer to  modern mail  sorting equipment in order to prevent their operation , so as to  intentionally disrupt service at  more than 100 regional sectional center sorting  facilities , before the 2020 national election . He  directed the removal  and confiscation of 10s of thousands of mail boxes coast to coast , and he  eliminated  local post office staff which  deliberately  reduced hours  , and even closed offices for  lunch where only 1 person worked . 

Mr de Joy orchestrated  letter carrier  cutbacks ,  a hostile work environment, and  elicited early retirements which  caused letter carriers to take on more mail with longer routes .

The predictable result had  carriers  dangerously walking late  into the night , driving in dark  canyons and rural areas , while angering millions of frustrated postal patrons  . Yet he is still there . Under Louis de Joy the USPS is a horrific mess and he is an embarrassment . It's long past time for President Biden  to reform , resurrect and restore our beloved post office. Removing de Joy is " priority one " . 

Sincerely, Chuck Levin - lifelong USPS patron / temporary Christmas staff at the Rancho park post office, in college / optimistic reformer .


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hankidu writes:

Who is blocking the removal of DeJoy ? And why hasn’t Biden done something about it? Thank you for a very timely (I just heard they’re raising stamp prices again) and informative article!