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NASA Prepares to Send Orion Spacecraft Around the Moon in February, 2022.

NASA Artemis Program Goes Fully Woke, Promising to send a Black Female Astronaut to the Moon by 2025.

NASA is in final preparations to send the Artemis Spacecraft around the moon in February. The craft will be unmanned, but will be followed in 2023 by a manned mission to the moon. They will actually land on the moon by July of 2025.

NASA could move up their moon landing if they had just $5.9 billion more from Congress. Without it, they may be beated to Earth's companion in space, by the Chinese space program. Or even worse, by Elon Musk.

Needless to say, NASA has gone fully woke with the Artemis program, and its Orion Spacecraft. "NASA Orion Spacecraft will carry a person of color and a woman to the moon," tweeted @NASA on November 13th, 2021.

" For every generation, the Moon has been a beacon. For many across NASA and around the world, it has been calling to us," tweeted @NASAARTEMIS, a blue checked Twitter account.

"Our uncrewed @NASAArtemis I mission will pave the way for future missions with crew, launch is targeted for February 2022 Rocket," said NASA in a tweet. "The @NASAGroundSys team at @NASAKennedy are working hard to prepare the SLS and @NASA_Orion for @NASAArtemis I. EGS handles SLS assembly, transport and launch. Learn more about their operations HERE >>


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