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Chinese Lunar Rover Investigates Apparent Ancient Egyptian Obelisk on the Dark Side of the Moon

Erich Von Daniken would not have been surprised by evidence the Ancient Egyptians met and allied themselves with aliens.

A Chinese lunar rover operating on the dark side of Earth's moon, has discovered an object the size and shape of an ancient Egyptian obelisk. The Chinese space agency has released a photograph of the object. The rover is still 70 meters from the object, and it is not clear whether or not its surface is inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphics. But it seems likely.

Did the ancient Egyptians visit the dark side of the moon? Or did they form an alliance with extra-terrestrials, as Erich Von Daniken proposed in Chariots of the Gods?

Obelisks were prominent in the architecture of the ancient Egyptians, and played a vital role in their religion placing them in pairs at the entrance of the temples. The word "obelisk" as used in English today is of Greek rather than Egyptian origin because Herodotus, the Greek traveller, was one of the first classical writers to describe the objects. A number of ancient Egyptian obelisks are known to have survived, plus the "Unfinished Obelisk" found partly hewn from its quarry at Aswan. These obelisks are now dispersed around the world, and fewer than half of them remain in Egypt.

Yutu-2 is a robotic lunar rover that formed part of the Chinese Chang'e 4 mission to the Moon. It was launched on 7 December 2018, 18:23 UTC. It entered lunar orbit on 12 December 2018, before making the first soft landing on the Moon's far side on 3 January 2019, and is currently operational as the first lunar rover on the far side.

In Chariots of the Gods (Bantam press 1971), Erich Von Daniken explores his hypothesis that the technologies and religions of many ancient civilizations were given to them by ancient astronauts who were welcomed as gods.


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Today is the 11th. Article is dated for Tomorrow???

1seatacjohn writes:

And did you notice the military style barracks off to the left ? Truly fascinating !!!!!

ZackS writes:

What in the hell do you think you are even talking about? How could you even say from this picture that what you are seeing is for sure an ancient obelisk? In what pseudoscience college did you print out your journalism degree??? Come on man.