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Liberty University School of Business Requires Female Students to Wear Makeup, Says Soc. Media Post

"Their reasoning? Women, specifically, do not appear "professional" without makeup."

According to a post on Reddit, the MBA school at "Jerry Falwell University" (i.e., Liberty University) requires women to wear makeup to class. This requirement is part of professional dress code.

Founded in 1971 by Jerry Falwell, Liberty University has 80,000 online students, and 15,000 at its Lynchburg Campus. Its annual budget is over $100 million. Business students report that US graduate schools of business, often incorporate dress codes which are a relfection of what will be expected of its graduates in the real world.

The Reddit post reads as follows:

My university requires makeup for female students. My school, Jerry fuckin'cuck Falwell's, requires all FEMALE students in the business school to wear make-up.

Their reasoning? Women need makeup to appear PROFESSIONAL. Let me be clear: both genders are required to wear professional attire: business wear, including dress shirt, dress pants, etc.

But women, explicitly (and trans students, as my ftm friend discovered) are required, in addition, to wear makeup. Their reasoning? Women, specifically, do not appear "professional" without makeup.

I cannot express how angry this makes me. Why, for the fuck's sake, does one sex require expensive paint to appear, quote unquote, "professional"? Edit: to the people saying "lol you idiot you deserve it for going to that school"

Oh my goodness. First of all, it's wrong for a school to have rules like this, period, regardless of who attends. Secondly...please understand...for abused minors applying to schools, there are often limited option available.


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