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With More Cases Now Among the Vaccinated Than Unvaxxed in LA County, Vaccine Mandates Create More Harm Than Good

You're now statistically more likely to catch Covid from a vaccinated individual than from an unvaxxed

December 7, 2021 - In response to a direct media request, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health released information about the number of Covid-19 cases among vaccinated residents that throw into doubt the rationale for vaccine mandates. Over the span between November 15 and November 27, there were more Covid cases among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. 64.9% of cases were in vaccinated individuals.

The November 27 statistics from LACDPH show:

Total population of LA County: 10,014,009

Total number fully vaccinated: 6,618,237

Total Covid infections: 1,524,912

Fully vaccinated Covid infections: 80,445

Total Covid deaths: 27,121

Fully vaccinated Covid deaths: 503

The case fatality rate in vaccinated individuals climbed between November 15 and 27, from .55% to .63% This is still much lower than the case fatality rate in unvaccinated individuals, which is 1.84%. But the percent of vaccinated individuals dying of Covid-19 is moving in the wrong direction.

The most astonishing number, of course, it the percent of new Covid-19 cases appearing in vaccinated individuals. Out of 12,765 new Covid cases during the 13-day span, 8,282, or 64.9%, occurred among vaccinated individuals.

Those are the facts.

Here's the attitude.

If more people catching Covid are vaccinated rather than unvaccinated two conclusions may be reached.

1. The vaccine is not very good at preventing transmission. Admittedly, more people in the county now are vaccinated rather than unvaccinated, but if the vaccine was supposed to prevent infection, it's doing a piss-poor job of it. With 66.1% of the population fully vaccinated, one would hope the percent of Covid cases among that population would not nearly precisely mirror the ratio of that population to the unvaccinated. It's as if the vaccine does absolutely nothing at all regarding transmission. It's good at preventing death, but useless at preventing transmission. It's time to face that fact, particularly since vaccines are even less likely to prevent transmission of the Omicron variant.

2. Restricting groups to include only vaccinated people is counter-productive if one wants to avoid transmission of Covid-19. At this point, it is more likely the person in the group with Covid is vaccinated than unvaccinated. Vaccine mandates do not protect against transmission. Probably the opposite.

If an individual wants to vaccinate themselves to protect against the possibility of death should they contract some version of Covid-19, by all means, they should be encouraged to do so. But this is an individual decision that has absolutely no bearing on public health. Vaccinations are not preventing transmission. It's time to stop pretending they do.

It's time for public officials to eat crow, admit they were wrong, and repeal all vaccine mandates, public and private. They never should have existed to begin with, but now they are proven to be reckless promises of safety that cannot be delivered.

Check the numbers for yourself at the sources used:



Reader Comments(4)

HarveyMushman writes:

Surprising to see journalism like this from the Leftist stronghold of The People's Republic of Santa's nickname from the 1980s. There is zero medical or logical reason now for vaccine mandates or passports. Notice the mainstream media isn't reporting this to you but they are well aware of these numbers. They are purposely lying to you....

FactCheck writes:

Cigarette smoking kills more people each year than Covid. Cancer kills more. Heart disease kills even more. But we don't force chemo, radiation, and anti-cholesterol chemicals on public, or shut down economics for these greater threats. Don't be guinea pig. Don't take experimental RNA injection. There is no pandemic.

truthseeker writes:

I believe that, in light of all of the covid rates going up after the vaccinations started, that there needs to be a #3 on your list. Vaccines shed. Vaccines are spreading the virus. With boosters we see new mutations. This is not an accident.

microcosme11 writes:

They will double and triple-down on mandates before they ever admit it is the wrong strategy.