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Black Prison Staffer Reinstated After Unfair Removal: A Christmas Miracle

Prison staff culture resembles a high school behind bars. With even fewer blacks in the management and the administration

Vindicated! She's officially back! Unfair decision reversed! The prison population rejoiced at the news! Her presence and her talent are back. The drug program students, including myself, are so happy. Many times the prison makes mistakes. Rarely does anyone right any wrongs. So, this is a special blessing for the population. And we are so glad to have her back.

Friday we got word from other drug program staff that she would be back on Monday. We were all happy and excited. She's able to reach so many that others can't. Today, I saw and spoke with her myself. What a blessing. God is good. She's happy to be back here working with us.

What led up to the professional coup? Well, prison staff have a social culture much like a high-school setting. Jealousy. Cliques. Bullying. And it all comes down along racial lines. As I'd said, this woman was one of few black staff working in the prison drug program. With even fewer blacks in the management and the administration. On Friday, when word broke of her return on Monday, I saw something I never noticed before. A staff, not black, made remarks about her and her return. I was taken aback. Then I realized it was more of that jealousy. As I said, it's like high-school culture for these staff. Regardless, she's back in her position as a co-manager of the program.

Now they see they can't just throw her away. This is an unlikely happy ending to an almost unknown story! Your interest is an important part of this story. Thank you. The right thing happened for the right reasons. Now she's free to do her job. Her integrity and her abilities will again outshine all the haters.


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