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California Inmates No Longer Get Hot Meals Due to Omicron

CDCR Needs To Aggressively Recruit And Retain Correctional Officer Workforce

What's really going on with CDCR? A massive blunder. With officers retiring, some early, others quitting and all the other BS that comes with the negative political climate towards all law enforcement, where is the leadership? Where are the incentives for officers to delay retirement? Where is the marketing and recruiting campaign to inspire new recruits to enroll in the academy? Covid-19 only adds an additional layer to all of it.

At the end of the day, CDCR is a critical department to staff. Like the military, you need a minimal amount of personnel to ensure security. So, where is the effort to recruit? Money talks. Why have they not beefed up compensation and benefits packages for the existing officers to stay on the job? After all, it makes more sense to keep those you've already trained than to hire, train and hope a new cadet will last. Maybe I'm missing something here? Is this a way to quietly defund the prisons? Why no effort to raise the morale and ease the work load for those corrections officers who DO come to work each day?

It's not just the officer's department in need of staffing. All of the administrative departments are bare bones due to Covid-19 since the Omicron variant started this surge. Listen to this... Due to short staff and limited inmate worker availability, CIW no longer serves hot breakfast per a newly drafted memo!! We now receive, for breakfast and lunch 2 boiled eggs, yogurt, 2 packed sandwhich lunches, juice and milk. We usually receive 2 hot meals a day. Regularly. Until Omicron, this was the norm! No more. Covid-19 overrides everything. Even common sense.

So, again, I say, where the hell is the massive effort to staff the prisons?? Someone's asleep at the wheel for sure. I've never seen it so bad. I just keep remembering to take this all one day last a time...


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