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Freedom's Elusivity in a Time of Information Onslaughts

What is truth and what is freedom? How do you know when you are in rhythm with the spirit of truth and the spirit of freedom?

Amidst pink flowers and a sweating sun, dozens of patriots gathered to wave their flags and express their first amendment rights in Torrance, California on the high noon of February 12, 2022. People showed up to drop off supplies for truckers, protest the mandates, expound theology, and gather signatures for a recall. The main motivation underlying virtually everyone's presence was their value for freedom.

Andrea, a Los Angeles rebel, said she was standing up for the freedom of choice. "If you choose to wear a mask, wear it. But don't force people who don't need it to wear it. I am tired of all the lies. I am tired of the fear-mongering. I want our freedoms back and I want to see our children free." The vibrancy of her passions jumped off her with a graceful red. She exuded a unique combination of elegance and a warrior-like ferocity. When asked what she felt the government stands for, she responded, "I think our government is currently standing for China. I think they are on their way to implementing the New World Order. I do not think that they are for the people. All of this fear-mongering is to keep control over us and to take our freedoms away."

Meanwhile, horns blared in solidarity. Interviews and discussions took on a percussive-like rhythm. In the competition to be heard, the car horns of loyalists won.

Eddie, an American close to retirement, shared he was present at the rally to drop off supplies for the truckers and to support others involved. When asked what he stood for, his response was, "Freedom. True science. Truth. I am anti-mandates. Natural immunity is shown to be far superior than vaccine immunity, and that is not being taken into consideration. To say that this is science, science means knowledge. Nobody knows the long term effects of this. There is strong evidence showing that these vaccines are killing people more than saving lives."

The subject took a different turn when broaching inquiries to Steve. Steve declared the intention of his presence at the rally being, "I stand for the United States of America and its founding principles. First and foremost, I stand for Jesus." When asked for what Jesus stands for, Steve encapsulated, "Jesus saves. We are all sinners. Jesus saves the sinners. Jesus died on the cross and by the blood of Jesus we are saved so we can spend eternal life with Him."

Spinning off the religious overtone, it felt appropriate to inquire Steve about the religiosity of the Covid Cult. He said, "I think it's evil. God exists. Therefore by definition evil exists because evil is in opposition to what God stands for. Many people haven't been saved and don't have God in their lives. When you have a lack of God in your life, evil creeps in. The devil is very clever and the devil has a very interesting way. People that have no knowledge of the bible nor Jesus Christ are far more susceptible to the cleverness of the devil."

Maria, a concerned parent, shared her major concern was how "masks being normalized is harming the children." She advocated children need to be able to see facial cues, especially special needs children. The lack of smiles was harmful to their psychology and even to her personally. She lamented going to the supermarket and not being able to see people's faces.

Kelly, a local business owner, shared that for years people have been taught to have blind faith in their doctors and governments. However, in doing some digging she has learned much of what is being shown is not depicting the truth behind the scenes. "Our doctors are in collusion with big pharma. They are receiving kickbacks for pushing the agendas of big pharma." Her friend Kim chimed in sharing, "Many of our doctors have good intentions. But many of them are brainwashed."

Dear reader, what is truth and what is freedom? How do you know when you are in rhythm with the spirit of truth and the spirit of freedom?

With the pervasive regurgitations of jargon and propaganda on mainstream news outlets, sometimes it is the subjectivity of the individual who can reveal truth in such a way that corporatized America cannot.

Alita Arose is the Founder of Eternally Mused Academy,


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