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 By Alita Arose    Lifestyle    April 3, 2022

'Female Subjectivity is like the devil' - Nina Menkes

Phantom Love (2007) by Nina Menkes, was featured as part of a one month long retrospective of her work, presented by the American Cinematheque at Los Feliz and Aero theaters in LA. Along with her...

 By Alita Arose    Lifestyle    March 9, 2022

Trauma, Shadow Work and Soul Retrieval

The term trauma is gaining insurmountable doses of consciousness with the proliferation of mainstream's psychological understandings. An unpopular and perhaps even taboo subject, it nevertheless is...


Freedom's Elusivity in a Time of Information Onslaughts

Amidst pink flowers and a sweating sun, dozens of patriots gathered to wave their flags and express their first amendment rights in Torrance, California on the high noon of February 12, 2022. People...


Trafficking and The Super Bowl: As the super bowl draws near, anti-trafficking strivings are proliferating in reach and effort in the Los Angeles area

Due to an increase in both traffic and demand during the super bowl, anti-trafficking organizations are working double time to increase city wide awareness and efforts to combat the supply of there...


Immortality- which is its greatest virtue, conviction or surrender?

Mysteries, fascinations, and obsessions about immortality have played rhythmic harmonics throughout humanity's history. These enigmas and larger than life inquiries have begun religions, wars, and...


The Divine Feminine and Imagination

"Imagination is more important than knowledge," one of Albert Einstein's prolific quotes, resounds through the ethers with trembling ominousness. As western culture continues exponentiating...


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