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Dripping Pomegranate Juice and Plutonian Pirouettes, Aquarius blows minds as she strips herself bare

In anticipation for next weeks astrological events, the essence of time is distorting as it does cartwheels, backflips, and pirouettes itself into black holes.

The archetype dripping in pomegranate juice makes his deliciously messy entry onto the stage of Aquarius March 23, 2023. Pluto. Furthest from the sun, he rules over everything scapegoated as taboo in the collective: sex, death, and power. Money too. With a sonorous rhythm, he walks in chilling confidence. Everything about him is otherworldly, except for his chthonic appetites. That which binds the entelechy of humanity to its carnal nature all have prominent placed jewels on his quiet crown.

The stage of Aquarius sparkles incandescently on the black canvas of a night sky. Her melodies are futuristic, her attire anything but proprietous. With humans having crossed the threshold of existing in the virtual world more than 50% of the time, the essence of time is distorting as it does cartwheels, backflips, and pirouettes itself into black holes. Aquarius blows minds as she strips herself bare. Her nakedness is intentional, in service to humanity like Godiva chocolate.

Neither Aquarius nor Pluto are punctilious. One can expect their dance to drop delusions and splatter perceptions with irony, paradox, and the cackling of The Joker. Pluto’s seriousness is one match with Aquarius' playful effervescence. This chapter of converging archetypes won’t be without infelicitous S & M play: some consensual and some not. Is the master God, or is it technology? Or, God forbid, the onerous deception of global governments and more CDC lies? Now is not the time to discount the wisdom of intuition. Guts do not lie.

Aquarius' stage loves lofty intellectual pursuits. Abstract and even aloof, she breathes eccentricity like oxygen. She is made of the substance of shapeshifting dimensional downpours. Weirdness is normal to her. So are rendezvous with the eternal trickster: Mercury (aka Hermes). So what does this mean? She may have a few truth-or-dares up her sleeve, waiting for the perfect timing, like a magician, to rip the carpet out from under Pluto’s sacrosanct ceremony. Pluto, the king of ritual, is no stranger to the chaos of liturgies gone awry. In fact, such cacophonies are his chosen element. As the floor disintegrates below him, just watch, his calmness will be comparable to sociopathic eyes.

Don’t let his power scare you. He is about to release Persephone from the underworld on March 20th. With flowers pushed up in celebration of Spring, Persephone’s return will bring nutrients and secrets the middle world is parched for. Pluto’s underworld is fecund, and she has spent a whole half-year down there.

With Spring being the season of welcoming this strange duo of Pluto and Aquarius, there is hope upon the prognosis. The whole shebang will be taking place for the next twenty years. While the stage is going to be wacky and some of the main characters may even be creatures from hell, it just might be the blood of Jesus which welcomes everyone home to truth. This is not to catechize, but to blow a taboo message in couture plutonian fashion. Every once in a while it isn’t a bad idea to wear an owl mask and dance under the waning moon. Oracle from the owl totem: Practice seeing through and into the dark, and do not let the coming lies fool you.


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