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Articles from the May 7, 2024 edition

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  • When Can a Surviving Spouse Collect the Decedent's Social Security?

    Russel Gloor, Association of Mature American Citizens|May 7, 2024

    Ask Rusty – Widower's Retirement Stymied by Social Security's "WEP" and "GPO" Rules Dear Rusty: My wife passed away 4 years ago. I want to retire so called SSA and was told I can collect my own SS at 62, reduced by WEP. My wife's SS was greater than mine, but they said I do not qualify for hers at age 60 because of the GPO. This seems odd that I get zero for her, however I can collect mine at the two thirds reduction at 62. Is this true? This zero dollar amount places my retirement on hold f...

  • UCLA's Royce Hall Left Covered in Filth and Graffiti, After Police Remove Pro-Hamas Protestors From Their Encampment

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|May 7, 2024

    Law enforcement agencies including the CHP, LAPD and campus police cleared the grassy field between Powell Library and Royce Hall early Thursday morning. Pro-Hamas demonstrators remained on Janss Steps, reported the Daily Bruin, the campus newspaper. After police arrested or detained hundreds of pro-Hamas protestors, it could be seen that they had trashed UCLA's iconic Royce Hall, covering the landmark building in graffiti. "UCLA campus looks like a landfill after pro-Palestine protesters, many...

  • Santa Monica Gave Funds to Distribute Needles in its Own Parks, According to Santa Monica Coalition

    Alyssa Erdley, Observer Staff|May 7, 2024

    May 2, 2024 - The Santa Monica Coalition says they have discovered evidence that Santa Monica officials, including the City Manager, were aware that money given to the Venice Family Clinic was specifically designated for distributing clean needles to drug addicts in the city's parks. The Santa Monica Coalition is a group of business owners and residents who seek to restore safety to the city. They have filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County and the Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer...

  • What did the UCLA Chancellor Really Mean in His Statement Regarding Encampment Takedown

    Observer Staff|May 7, 2024

    Here is our interpretation of what Chancellor Block really meant in his message about the takedown of the encampment on campus that conducted activities directly contrary to university policy and whose participants were shown on multiple videos harassing and restricting movement of Jewish students, clear violations of Federal Title VI. Translations of his statement are between brackets. May 2, 2024 Around 1:40 pm, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block shared the following message about the immense toll...

  • In the last 9 Years, US Universities Accepted Gifts Totalling $19 Billion From Authoritarian Countries Including Qatar, China, Saudi Arabia.

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|May 7, 2024

    According to the DOE, American universities and colleges have received $19 billion in foreign donations with no recorded dates of receipt as of April 6, 2023. Since 1981, American colleges and universities have disclosed $40.2 billion in foreign funding, with $1.1 billion in foreign payments in 2021 alone. According to a report from the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI), over 200 American colleges and universities received $13 billion in previously undisclosed contributions from...

  • UCLA Chancellor Issues Lame-ass Statement Bemoaning Takedown of Anti-Israel Encampment

    May 7, 2024

    May 2, 2024 Around 1:40 pm, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block shared the following message about the immense toll the events of the past week have taken on Bruins. Subject: Our Community is in Deep Pain Dear Bruin Community: Our community is in deep pain. We are reeling from days of violence and division. And we hope with all our hearts that we can return to a place where our students, faculty and staff feel safe and, one day, connected again. Our approach to the encampment that was established on...

  • From Myth To Modernity: Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and The Human Psyche.

    Alita Arose, Observer Staff Writer|May 7, 2024

    Three and a half thousand years ago in the city of Thebes, Greece, gods expanded in space upon the town's altar. For 9 months of the year, the beautifully sculpted and traditionally attractive Apollo stood in austere elegance. Known for being proud in law and order, he ruled over propriety. When humans were being good samaritans, following rules and practicing obedience, Apollo expressed joy. His other half, Dionysus, would also take the throne, but only for three months of the year. Equally as...

  • A Toast to Excellence: The DFS Wines and Spirits Gala 2024

    Chanin Victor, Lifestyle and Travel Editor|May 7, 2024

    If you have a taste for the extraordinary and possibly possess a collection of rare and exclusive wines and spirits, you were sure to be dazzled at the DFS Masters of Wines and Spirits event this past Saturday, now in its illustrious 12th edition. Themed "Ignite Your Senses," this exceptional gathering at the NeueHouse Hollywood epitomized DFS's unwavering dedication to curating unparalleled luxury experiences for discerning connoisseurs and enthusiasts worldwide. A Global Showcase in Los...