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Divine Feminine Love in Athens Spreads Thick on Pizza

While pizza can be discovered virtually anywhere, finding ones imbued with as much love as Pizza Napoletana in Athens is rare.

Who doesn't love pizza? The shape alone is enough to bring a sense of peace and comfort. Afterall, the first shape a child learns to draw is the iconic circle. Eating pizza cultivates wholeness. Pizza, no matter where one is from, feels like home. Numerous cultures have created their own renditions of it including and not limited to Vegans, India, Mexico and Greece.

Pizza Napoletana stands charismatically on Liosion 21, the corner of Liosion and Kritis in Athens, Greece. Family owned, it shares joy and nurturance along with its generous pizza menu options. A common decision influence on where to eat and order takeout from is food quality. Pizza Napoletana will not disappoint. The fresh ingredients and perfect blend of flavors satiate. What sets this restaurant apart from others is the genuine charm emulating from Elli, the owner, and the other workers who help out, including her beautiful family. Just as important as food and taste quality is the quality of character of those behind the scenes. Energy is contagious and food is energy.

Customers can expect to be greeted with the kind of smile which heals the heart and soothes the nerves. Additionally, Ella's pizzas cook quickly in the oven so those who are impatient are in good hands. Prices are lower if ordered directly with her as it is takeout only. Alternatively, one can sit across the street for a dine-in option but with slightly elevated prices.

The dough is soft. She serves the kind of pizza where one will surely leave no part untouched, including the crust. Ordering from her is a must.

Pizza Napoletana's Insta: @pizza___napoletana [that's 3 underscores]


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